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Meet The Newest Member Of John Weber

Introduction - Good Help Is Hard To Find

If you ever tried to hire people with software and web expertise you know how hard it is to find someone great. If you are picky as Jeff and I are about any work that is done for The Hair Boutique you know even better.

Luckily for us Jeff and I recently managed to snag the multi-talented Mr. John 029.jpg (34882 bytes)Weber as our second "man behind the curtain" web developer and Internet expert.

John (pictured to the left) is assisting Jeff with the creation of some of the great new features that are on The Hair Boutique's drawing board.

These features include a brand new searchable Gallery of hairstyles built around a slick database that allows Hair Boutique visitors to select styles according to gender, hair length, styles and name just a few of the new database selection categories.

Hair Boutique visitors have been asking for a searchable database forever and we are closing in on providing this fabulous new features, thank to the help of John.

More About John

I actually met John several years ago..... in a chat room....on the Internet...of all places. Back in those days John was working full time in the computer science department of a major University while attending night school to finish his degree.

John and I discovered early in our friendship that we had a lot in common...we were both Internet fanatics and John was in charge of the Web work for the University.

I introduced Jeff to John and we always hoped to all work together at some point in the future.

The future is here and John will not only being doing work for The Hair Boutique but he will be doing some other Net related projects with Jeff.

Happily Ever After

John recently married the woman of his dreams - the lovely Maureen - and095.jpg (44434 bytes) bought a beautiful new home (complete with an inviting inground pool).

John's new wife Maureen is a hairstylist by profession which is actually just another thing that we all share in interest in hair.

John graciously created a special web site for his wedding photo album. When not working full time for the University or working for The Hair Boutique or T&S Software, John creates custom websites.

Jeff and I are thrilled to welcome John to Team Hair Boutique. Besides the new interactive hair database, the Hair Boutique will be adding daily hair surveys, more interactive features and a special hair imaging section. The daily hair tips database will be expanded to double its size (I have been saving tons of new tips to add).

The Hair Boutique will continue to undergo lots of great new changes over the next few months, including a complete redesign. Our goal is always to make the Hair Boutique bigger and better (hey, Jeff and I live in Texas).

Please welcome John Weber to the Hair Boutique. If you would like you can drop him a line at his new Hair Boutique email address.

Welcome John!

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