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Hair Tips: Laura Allen - Choppy Bob!


Laura Allen AFI 33rd Life Achievement Award Honoring George Lucas Kodak Theater 06-09-2005

David Edwards All Rights Reserved

USA has scored a huge hit with their critically-acclaimed futuristic drama - The 4400.

The riveting series, produced by Maria Suro (Platinum) and co-produced by Scott Peters (The Outer Limits) centers on the sudden and unexplained return of 4,400 people who were previously presumed dead or reported missing.

The entire group of people suddenly re-appear on Earth. The twist? Although many have been gone for many years, they have not aged physically, coming back to Earth looking exactly like they did when they vanished.

Your first thought might be aliens, and gosh, they do tend to catch all the blame for anything hinky these days. But the aliens are innocent of this mystery. Instead, it seems that the 4,400 were sucked up involuntarily into time travel.

While the 4,400 people return with at their original ages, many have come back altered with superhuman talents ranging from spectacular healing abilities to the ability to transform average children into musical prodigies. The government forms an agency to track these "special" people and work with them after one of the 4,400 commits a murder.

Laura Allen plays a major role as Lily Moore Tyler who suddenly disappears from Earth leaving behind her beloved husband and daughter. She returns years later mysteriously with child and marries a fellow 4,400. The baby she has turns out to be a focal point of the ongoing drama.

Guilty As Charged

Laura Allen AFI 33rd Life Achievement Award Honoring George Lucas Kodak Theater 06-09-2005

David Edwards All Rights Reserved

I am completely hooked on the show for all the right reasons. It is built on a fascinating and fresh concept, it has fascinating characters and it is actually believable.

Although I had not ever heard of Laura Allen before The 4,400 I was enchanted by her characterization of Lily Moore Tyler and I instantly fell in love with her edgy version of a 20s bob.

A graduate of Wellesley College as a Sociology/Criminology major, Laura worked with the NYPD as a domestic violence counselor before pursuing acting. She landed her first acting role in a pilot for Fox's "The $treet".

She then played Laura Kirk English on the All My Children. Laura was the female lead in Spike Lee's Showtime film, "Sucker Free City". She has also guest starred on Cold Case and North Short.

One the big screen she was featured in Mona Lisa Smile alongside Julia Roberts and Kirsten Dunst. She recently wrapped filming on How You Look to Me with Frank Langella.

Steal Laura's Look

Laura Allen USA Network The 4400

Alan Zenuk USA Network All Rights Reserved

In keeping with the current hair fashion trend that borrows hairstyles from the 20s, 30s and 40s, Laura wears a stunning choppy bob that draws attention to her flawless skin, her gorgeous eyes and her beautiful smile.

Laura has an oval face with prominent cheekbones that hint at a touch of squareness to her shape.

Her hair color is a luscious butter blonde with ribbons of lighter and darker shades of platinum and chocolate skillfully interwoven throughout the edges.

The key to Laura's sexy choppy bob is to start with a really great bob haircut. Cut in graduated long layers, this updated version of the 20s Bob features soft side-swept bangs.

Keep in mind that Laura has gorgeous blonde highlights. If your hair is highlighted start with a color maintenance shampoo and remember to use only warm water. If your hair is not highlighted, use a product that is designed for your hair current texture, type and condition.

To style, apply a good anti-frizz balm to towel blotted hair. If hair tends to have natural curl, wave or frizz, start with an anti-frizz shampoo. Blow dry using a medium sized boar's bristle brush or similar to create natural volume and smoothness. Flip the ends slightly with the brush to achieve the piecy look.

To add volume to the crown area, layer the anti-frizz product with a volume gel or spray. Use the brush to light the top layers and direct the air flow up from the ends to the roots to add fullness and movement.

(L-R) of Mahershalalhashbaz Ali and Laura Allen The 4400

Alan Zenuk USA Network All Rights Reserved

For a different effect, use a small sized flat iron all around the perimeter of the style to get a ribbony effect. To change up the look apply a gel to damp strands then scrunch from end to roots while letting strands "air-dry".


The 4400 premiered on July 11, 2004 on USA Network as the highest-rated and most-watched new series premiere ever on a basic cable network. T

he 4,400 was this summer’s top original basic cable series, besting all others in terms of household rating (4.7), P25-54 delivery (3.1 million), P18-49 (2.9 million) and viewers tuning in (6.2 million). Tune into this incredible series on Sunday nights at 9:00 PM ET/PT.

Be sure to check out Laura who is destined for a very successful acting career.

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