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Halloween Hair Meets Rock Stars


Yes indeed—it’s that time of year to kick off the holiday season with's annual Halloween getup guide. This year, as always, we’re combining hair and “rock couture” for looks that no one will soon forget. But since you all want to save the really big bucks for the upcoming Holiday shopping season., the focus is on the maximum look for the minimum cash.

As always, we've come up with this year’s great CASPs (Cheap And Scary Picks) for you, guaranteed to make you rock at the party or trick treat route of your dreams.

Here are some of the team member's rock and roll favorites. Please copy and enjoy!

“Britney Spears In Concert Option #1”

You’ll need the following: * Cut off black shorts, black fishnet stockings and matching see through or black leather inspired bustier that looks sprayed on your body. * Blonde shoulder length wig or appropriate blonde hair. * Knee high shiny or leather style black boots (if available) or any black boots that say "rock chick" or "rock star". * A cut off collar from a very bright, psychedelic shirt (or you can use a plain white collar and paint it with t-shirt paint a bright psychedelic color. * A shiny black tie or a satin tie covered with black sequins. * An old black fedora style hair with a piece of shiny ribbon wrapped around the brim (see above for inspiration). * A portable microphone attached at the ear and positioned right in front of the mouth.

Optional: Lots of black eye make-up, gold loop style earrings and assorted ring bling.

Put on the fishnet hose, squeeze into the shorts and the bustier, add the collar and the necktie. Strap on the black shiny boots.

Apply lots of black makeup around the eyes, position your own blonde hair or blonde wig to flow around the shoulder. Position the black hat down snugly on the crown.

Add the microphone and start to dance.

“Britney Spears On The Street #2”

You’ll need the following: * Cut off jean shorts with the pockets intact so that they hand down below the shortest part of the cutoffs (you can get old ratty jeans for peanuts at garage sales or check the back of your closet) * An old pink or white colored t-shirt that is cut to show off lots of belly button real estate with the arms ripped out. * Real or fake belly ring (to be really authentic, a shiny clear rhinestone ring is the best bet). * A long scarf to be used as a belt (optional)—or a wide wide belt with silver colored rivets. * A Starbucks iced latte drink cup either full or empty (be sure to enjoy the drink - you like Britney deserve it)* Candy cigarettes—lots of them * A thin piece of red string * Cheap flip flops, bare feet, Ugg boots or open toe summery platform shoes (if you already have them in your closet)—anything BUT sneakers * Big cheap sunglasses * A big fake glass engagement ring and a cheap wedding band * A short bridal veil (available in most Halloween sections in larger grocery stores) or baseball cap or plaid fedora style hat * A roll of wide gauze tape that will cover the entire length of your left leg from ankle to the hem of the cut-off jeans. * Tape or little metal clasps to secure the white gauze. Optional: An old crutch, string of cheap beaded necklaces and bracelets with long beaded pierced earrings. Cut up or rip the jean shorts so that the pockets hang a few inches down your legs below the shortest point of the cut off sections. To weigh them down, fill them with pennies or similar coins.

Use a magic marker or some t-shirt paint to spray the back of the shirt with Mrs. Federline and the front with No Longer A Virgin. Slip the shirt on after the paint is dry and put in a belly ring or use some non-permanent body glue to attach a fake belly ring.

Thread the old scarf through the belt loops or the cutoffs and tie in front of the jeans to create a tied belt. If you prefer, use an old white studded belt.

Wrap the gauze so that it holds in place from your ankle to the top of your thigh. To be authentic, wrap the left leg. Attach tape or metal clasps to hold the "leg bandage" in place. If you have any friends or relatives that recently had knee or leg surgery, consider borrowing the "real" thing.

Slip on a pair of Ugg boots or open shoe platforms (if you already have them) or cheap flip flops or go with au natural feet. If you go barefoot (not recommended anywhere but a party) make sure your feet are dirty.

If you have Britney hair, let it hang loose of pull your hair back into a long hanging ponytail and pop on a short bridal veil baseball cap, the plaid fedora or similar.

Add the big sunglasses, cheap jewelry (necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings). Tie the red string around your left wrist.

IMPORTANT: The Starbucks iced drink cup is a must for the full effect. Britney is almost never seen without a iced Starbucks drink and a cigarette in her mouth. Be sure to pop the fake cigs in your mouth and hold the plastic Starbucks cup - full or empty - your option.

Now turn up the CD player and try to sign on key.

"Janis Joplin Meets Joss Stone

You’ll need the following: * Multiple strands of cheap very long beads (try the toy section of Wal-mart for dress up beads - 6-10 strands), lots and lots of very cheap thin bangle bracelets, bangle style long earrings that touch your shoulders and a toy ring for each finger. Optionally you may wish to add some toe rings Joss Stone style. * A toy microphone (try the toy section again) * A long, curly, matted, wild hair looking brunette wig (try the Halloween section of your local grocery store or drugstore for long wigs) * A midriff baring black t-shirt or plain knit type sweater. * A beaded style belt (nothing fancy) * Long flowing broomstick or Sari style wrap skirt that ends at your ankles. Look for a bright satiny paisley material. One option is to buy a very cheap set of paisley sheets and make your own skirt. Definitely a dirt cheap way to go. * Cheap flip flops or bare feet (only in the appropriate environment)

Note: This look calls for zero makeup, lipstick, fingernail or toenail polish.

Put on the midriff baring plain t-shirt, sweater or plain knit top. Although Janis preferred no sleeves, Joss prefers long sleeves that extend closer to her wrists. Pick whichever style you prefer.

Slip on the skirt or wrap a paisley sheet around your waist and pin into place. You may want to wear a pair of jeans underneath to avoid any accidental Janet Jackson moments. Add the beaded belt or a belt with long beads at the ends that gives that 60s retro rock feel.

Drape the beaded necklaces around your neck and position so that they flow when you gyrate to your music when holding your toy microphone.

Layer rings and bracelets on your fingers and wrists. Add beaded earrings. Optionally add the toe rings. Plop on the long wig and make sure that it flows wildly down to your shoulders.

Slip on some cheap flip flops or kick off your shoes.

Put a little retro Janis on the CD player and start swaying wilding while screaming into the microphone and flipping your wigged strands all over the place. Ahhhhh, true rock and roll nirvana!

”Jimi Hendrix Meets Andre 3000”

You’ll need the following: * Straw hat (wide brimmed fedora style - not from like from a banana boat) * Lime green plaid shirt (check the back of your dad or uncle's closets) * Green polka dot bowtie * 1 or 2 matching or complimentary green silk handkerchiefs to the bowtie * Double breasted (preferred) or single breasted white jacket (check out the thrift stores for discarded white tux coats or evening jackets) or check with a restaurant supply store for used white waiter coats * White dockers or jeans or similar * Fake pencil mustache hair (check the Halloween supply at the grocery store) * Fake goatee hair to match mustache hair Optional: Dark classes, appropriate bling, topsider shoes. Have a friend go dressed as a big bruiser bodyguard. Since Andre 2004 has a very clean cut hairstyle, make sure that your hair is either pulled up under the hair or slicked completely down.

Put on the lime green plaid shirt. Add the pants and the white jacket. Attach a green polka dot or similar bow tie. Add the green kerchief to the pocket of your white coat.

Use temporary eyelash glue and attach a small pencil mustache and a small tasteful goatee shaped in a slight inverted triangle to your chin.

Add some fake bling of your choice such as a fake diamond ring or a diamond watch. Add the straw hat and the optional sunglasses. Work on your strut and you are ready to play.

”Kid Rock”

Kid Rock is an easy costume to assemble but you can rest assured that Kid is one hot rocker.

You’ll need the following: * White hat (similar to the one that Kid is wearing in the image to the right from his album) * Sleeveless plain white t-shirt that is form fitting (JC Penny's sells simple white t-shirts or you can go with a white undershirt). * Aviator or similar shaped dark glasses * Pair of tight jeans * Some press on tattoos * Cowboy boots * Candy cigarettes * Fake pencil mustache hair (check the Halloween supply at the grocery store) * Fake goatee hair to match mustache hair

Optional: Toy electric guitar. Appropriate bling such as fake gold necklace and fake diamond pinkie rings.

Put on the t-shirt and the tight jeans. Slip on the cowboy boots.

Either slick your own hair back behind your ears ala Kid, or add a dark long wig and smooth back behind your ears so that hair extends from the white hat.

Use temporary eyelash glue and attach a small pencil mustache and a small tasteful goatee shaped in a slight inverted triangle to your chin.

Add some fake bling of your choice such as a fake diamond ring or a diamond watch. Add the straw hat and the optional sunglasses.

Grab a pop can, a fake electric guitar, if available and add a fake cigarette. Work on your slouch and a growl and you are in Kid's element.


There you go, folks—hot off the stage from this year’s rock and roll music awards! Note:

Please remember to always follow established safety rules for Trick or Treating in your neighborhood and please use a designated driver system for any Halloween parties.

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