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Hairstyles: Banish Boredom w/ Eyeglasses


You may think you know what I'm going to say but guess again. Instead of telling you to instantly change your hairstyle with a radical new cut, 6 feet of pink hair extensions or even new chunky bangs, I am going to propose something easier and potentially cheaper - depending on some factors.

(Image of Diane Keaten in Rimless tinted glasses at 2004 Oscars - Courtesy ABC - all rights reserved - 2004).

Regardless of your age or sex, if you want to instantly change your hairstyle slap a hot new fashion statement on your face with a pair of glasses. Huh? Did I actually say glasses? Yes indeed I did. Why? Glasses are the hottest new fashion pieces around. Anyone can instantly change their hairstyle look by simply popping on a pair of those vision enhancers. While shades and sunglasses never really go out of style, regular glasses have snuck up the list of fashionable.

So while you ponder my mental health, let me remind you that eyeglasses can actually enhance your "come hither" body language when appropriately deployed.

(Image of Joan & Melissa Rivers in their glam dark glasses at 2004 Oscars - Courtesy ABC - all rights reserved - 2004).

If you still think I'm crackers consider the fact that an estimate 120 million people wear eyeglasses which explains why the lenses/frames industry is reported to be over a $14 billion annual industry. Yeah sure there is Lasix surgery and contact lenses but many savvy men and women understand that the human brain is quite sensitive to eye contact.

A pair of sizzling frames with the correctly shaded lenses can seductively veil your orbs adding instant mystery to your image. They can enhance your natural level of allure or sensuality.

Think about it? What do all the celebrities wear to add that mysterious glam factor to their overall image? Dark glasses, of course.

So how do glasses work with to banish hairdo boredom? Quite simply the right pair of spectacles can instantly enhance any hairstyle giving the same old/same old style a fresh new look.

Even better, depending on the shape of the specs you can instantly change your image and mood.

(Naomi Watts & Heath Leger - ABC/Craig Sjodin) Consider the various celebrities that have recently bucked the glasses-are-for-nerds trend.

A good example is Nicole Kidman. Fashion plate Nicole Kidman has been known to accessorize her gorgeous gowns with glasses for reading at the awards podiums. In fact, a few years back she was a vision in Galliano and saucy tiny-framed glasses at the SAG awards. As the fashion media noted so well, Nicole looked downright naughty in her ensemble according to some of my male celebrity watchers.

Use Glasses To Project An Image

Depending on the color, size and shape of the frames and the color of the lenses, anyone can instantly project a wide range of images ranging from sexy and saucy to quiet, studious and intelligent.

Wildly colored and crazy shaped frames can tell the world that you are a fun person. Match the glasses and the frames to your current hair image and you can solidify your personal message. Or make a 180 degree turn and instantly banish your current hair and beauty image.

If you're going to take my advice and add glasses to instantly alter your do, remember to wear the specs with the right attitude.

Sensuous & Sexy Image - Whether you desire regular specs of dark glasses, choose curved lenses with a smoky black or gray tint. Go lighter for regular lenses and much darker for the sun versions. To channel uber sexiness, pair the lenses, regardless of how dark they are tinted, with a black plastic type of frame.

Self Confident Image - If you want to ooze confidence, try the classic aviator metal framed looks with either dark or mirrored lenses like worn by Tim Robbins at the 2004 Oscar Awards.

(Image of Tim Robbins in dark glasses & Susan Sarandon in at 2004 Oscars - Courtesy ABC - all rights reserved - 2004).

Tim's shades (above) are a perfect compliment to his sexy cropped faux Mohawk spiked do. The dark glasses also partner well with his lady and his suit.

If you want to show aggressive intensity or serious brute strength go with a thicker, deep black plastic frame that adds power to your face.

Turn the look up or down with the size of the frames and glasses. Smaller means chilled and confident, larger denotes more of an in-your-face style.

Kind & Gentle Image - Try a gentle rimless frame in any shape. This is the minimalist approach and will show off your hair, eyes and skin to advantage.

Intelligent Image - Select a vintage look in metal or plastic that has a rectangular or square look. Go with black or darker colors and avoid any day-glo or brightly playful glasses that will send a completely different image.

Friendly & Outgoing Image - Oversized or owlike frames can work. Consider gold metal frames with mirror-tinted lenses.

Trying On Glasses On The Internet

If you want to change your image and select eyeglasses that will flatter your face shape and current hairstyle the folks at Frames Direct make it easy to try on glasses in the privacy of your home with their FrameFinder program that is available on the Web. They also publish a wonderful report on selecting glasses according to your facial shape.

Hairstyle Guidelines

One major rule of thumb when choosing frames, take a trusted friend or family member to give you the stark truth. What you may think looks good on you might not look so great to everyone else.

Remember that looking at glasses in a small mirror can distort the total images. (Image of Jack Osbourne - ABC/Virginia Sherwood).

Bangs and hair partings need to be evaluated with their impact on the overall look. Super long or chunky bangs may overlap the top of the glasses giving a distorted or disheveled image.

Jack looks fab (above) in a pair of classic black framed square glasses that perfectly fit his round face shape. The shape and size of the glasses adds an element of mystery and fun to the wildly popular celebrity. You will also notice that the color of the frames and the lenses work very well with Jack's hair color and skin hues.

Remember that glasses, as well as any type of hair fringe will add a cover to the face. In Jack's case the glasses work perfectly to tie together his naturally curly hair (love your hair Jack) with his eyes and face.

Consider the following guidelines when selecting specs to work with your current hairstyle.

Face Shape Considerations

Always evaluate your face shape as a first consideration for selecting glasses.

Keep in mind that you should select a frame that will compensate for your current facial shape.

Round or fuller faces take newly defined shape and interesting form with sharper edged frames. (Image of Steven Spielberg as a presenter at the 2004 Academy Awards - ABC/Rick Rowell).

The reverse is true with angular faces that are instantly softened with oval or rounded frames.

When it comes to matching your glasses with your face shape, keep the following general guidelines in mind:

Oval faces can wear almost any shape of frame depending on image designed. This is especially true when the hair is worn pulled back completely off the face.

Round faces should consider narrow frames with more angular lines to add definition, length and interest to the face. Match the shape to the current hairstyle to flatter the face appropriately.

Diamond and heart shaped faces would generally fare best with narrow frames unless the face is narrow near the eyes which would call for wider frames.

Square faces do best with narrow frames that soften the facial lines and add the illusion of length.

Oblong face shapes benefit from added width or contrasting shapes.

Pear shaped faces are flattered by wide or angular shaped frames.

Consider Hair & Eye Colors & Skin Tones

Select frames and glass tints that play off your current hair and eye colors as well as your skin tone. Don't assume that the same color frames will automatically work well with the same colored hue. All hair color has a variety of blended hues that may or may not work well with a matching colored frame.

Consider all the many eyeglass color options. Try them on to determine how they work with your hair color, eyes and skin tones. (Liv Tyler - ABC/Rick Rowell - Presenter 2004 Oscar Awards - All rights reserved).

Don't assume that people with light hued tresses should only wear light colored frames or lenses. Although this is often a good combination it is not always the case.

In fact, depending on the underlying blends and hues of the blonde, you may flatter your hair with a completely different color than gold. (Image of Enimen to the side).

Light colored hair can look spectacular with boldly colored frames. Remember Sally Jessy Raphael and her signature red glasses?

Hair & Glasses - Working In Harmony

Focus on achieving a complimentary balance between the length, volume and style of your hair with the same elements in your glasses.

Consider whether you wish to enhance your current hairstyle or divert attention away from it. Depending on the glasses and frames you select, either option is possible.

Short, sleek bobs paired with large, brightly colored glasses would definitely telegraph a different image than glasses that were small and sleek.

As a general rule smaller frames tend to be more unflattering for older faces, especially when the hairstyle is designed to be worn off the face. IT is a known fact that medium or larger sized frames help to camouflage crepey or wrinkled eye areas and erase wrinkles, bags and sags.

Buy Multiple Glasses For Multiple Looks

Take a walk on the wild side and consider having highlights and lowlights painted throughout your current style in a shade that picks up the color formula of your new frames.

Be sure to get the help of a professional colorist to make sure that your newly added highlights or lowlights is a perfect blend.

Although the majority of people limit themselves to just one or two pairs of glasses, celebrities are breaking the trend by appearing in a myriad of styles that act as accessories to their hair and clothing.

When possible select strong trendy glasses along with more classic styles to mix and match appropriately according to your image, style or moods.

Consider A Classic Frame Style

If budget is an issue and you must limit yourself to a finite number of specs, select a style that will look good with the majority, if not all of your fashion styles.

Keep in mind that frames consisting of a simple square, rectangle, oval or round shapes are classics that can work with everything.

(Image of Robin Williams w/ Bob Goldthwaite - ABC/Craig Sjodin).

Robin Williams was turned out in an elegant pair of specs for his appearance on the recent Oscars Red Carpet. The frames were a combination of dark sides with a sexy curved top piece that were founded out with an almost clear bottom section. The glasses gave Robin that fun, sexy, Mr. Hollywood image but also worked with his hair, eyes and skin tones. He looked spectacular in his specs.

Of course you also need to consider how your glasses may impact your career or work environment. You just know that Robin and his fashion stylist took time when selecting his glasses.

As an obvious example of consider career considerations are people in the Marine Corps or other branches of the military service are specifically prohibited from wearing eccentric or conspicuous eyepieces. While sunglasses may be worn, according to most military branches, on leave, they can not be worn when with the troops.

This rule of conservative application may also apply to some types of schools and related institutions. When in doubt, check.

Language Of Glasses

Once you have matched your glasses to your face shape, hairstyle, coloring and appropriate image, consider adopting some of the following glasses moves and their possible sociological meanings.

When women flip their hair or play with their strands, this sends a definite message that they are flirting or being seductive. When a man chews on the bridge of his glasses this lets a woman know that he may be contemplating a more intimate connection.

Consider the following eyeglass behaviors:

Wearing glasses on the tip of the nose with eyebrows arched. Human behavior experts believe that when people wear their glasses down towards the tip of the nose that they are sending a signal of intensity. It also indicates a deep focus and serious interest in the subject at hand.

Putting the earpiece in the mouth and teething the temple of the specs: As you would expect, this behavior draws direct attention to the lips, the tongue and the mouth in general. This signals reflection, introspection and decision making.

Sucking on the ear piece by itself: Indicates a desire for more intimacy and communication. This behavior ties directly into the oral fixation theories.

Pushing glasses up on top of the head: Adds seriousness and a sense of drama to any situation. This movement could be considered to be equivalent to a pregnant pause.

Ripping glasses off face and throwing them down: Indicates anger or shock. Great way to get attention.

Absent-mindedly twirling or playing with glasses: Draws attention to a playful free spirit. Act of flirtation.


Remember, in 2004, anything goes with fashion, hair and makeup if it is flattering to you and conveys the image you wish to project. So go out there and try on those sizzling new frames, practice those seductive spectacle poses and have a blast.

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