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Hairstyle Snippets #2: Male Hairstyles


Male hairstyles have gone through major transitions from the long male ponytails and pageboys of the peace and love sixties up to the present 1999 when Ricky Martins' spiked and gelled do is all the rage, with all different male age groups.

In reality, men are following women in a hot new trend of "hair independence". Men are no longer willing to wear their hair in a certain style "just because" society pressures them to conform.

Men are boldly adopting a wide variety of hair styles to fit their careers, lifestyles and hair characteristics.

More than ever before men are aggressively pursuing their ideal hairstyle and are willing to cut, color, perm, straighten, gel or blow dry to achieve their ideal look.

While rock stars and celebrities continue to be hairstyle leaders, many male hairstyle trends are generated right on the fashion runways of New York and Milan.

Although there are many different men's styles that are currently popular, this article looks at just a few.

Curly Bad Boy Look

This curly "bad boy" style only works well for males who have either naturally curly hair or who are willing to have their hair permed or curled.

Men have become empowered with many different hair styling and hair options including having a wide range of perms applied to their hair to having their own Feria color line.

While men with naturally curly hair are more willing to wear their hair "as it is", many men with bone straight hair are making a commitment to a perm in order to achieve a certain look.

To achieve the wild curly "bad boy" look, you also need to have an abundance of thick hair. This hairstyle does not work with thin or receding hair.

If you have enough hair, you're a good candidate for this look.

If you want to achieve this wild look and your hair is naturally curly, make sure that your hair is well conditioned and/or moisturized.

ARTec's Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner is a great choice for keeping curly hair soft and non-frizzy. Aveda's Shampure with Cherry Almond Bark or Deep Conditioner is another excellent choice.

If you need volume rather than moisture to create the curly look, try ARTec's volume shampoo.

If you have your heart set on this look and have thick but stick straight hair, ask your stylist to apply a spiral or rag perm to your hair.

There are many options now available to create "designer" curls using a variety of peming methods from standard curling rods to juice cans and rags.

Return Of The Beatles

This style consists of a shiny cap of straight hair. The look works best on straight, medium to fine textured hair.

This style does not work well with hair that has any natural curl or wave. The goal for this style is to wear your hair completely straight in a long modified type of bob that was immortalized by the Beatles back in the 60s.

If your hair is cut well, you may be able to just "wash and wear" your hair without blow drying.

If your hair has a slight wave or curl, you will need to use a blow dryer and a round brush to dry the hair straight.

It would be beneficial to apply a good shine product to the underside of your hair. Keep in mind that ARTec's volume gel is ideal for thin hair that needs a little added body.

For a sleeker effect, use a styling lotion such as Redken's Glass Smoothing Complex or TIGI Essensuals Liquid Spray Gel.

To achieve shine add a good product like ARTec's textureshine or similar product.

The key to successfully wearing this style is to get an excellent cut and regular trims to retain the shape.

Short Waxed Look Ala David Bowie

This short style is very popular with all ages and can be worn by men with any texture or type of hair.

The style is worn the same length all around the head. The crown area is lightly separated and slightly spiked.

This look is definitely similar to a David Bowie style that he wore in one of his shorter hair periods.

This style requires the use of a good hair wax or pomade that will give the crown area moderate lift and separation.

Murray's Wax is excellent. Aveda's Self Control wax also works well on this short look.

This look is particularly excellent if you are starting to experience slight hair loss in the crown or frontal area.

To give your hair body and some texture it is important to use a shampoo that does not moisturize or soften the hair. ARTec's Kiwi shampoo would be a good choice to give the hair shine and body without excessive softness.

Hair Behind The Ears

If you have fairly straight, longer hair you can wear a "behind the ears" style with ease.

This style works well with hair that is medium in texture. The style would not work on hair that is naturally curly, overly thick or extremely wavy.

If you do have a few curls and waves they could easily be tamed with the help of a blow dryer and a round brush and with a good product like KMS Flat Out.

This style also works on a slightly receding hairline. It can be worn by males of all ages.

To give the style a sleek and shiny look, a good pomade or wax is required. Any of the Aveda Pomades would work well.


Men of just about any age can easily adopt any of the different styles presented in this article.

To achieve the best look it is always important to take into consideration your hair type and texture and how much work the style will require to maintain.

It is also important to use the right hair care products such as shampoo, gels, waxes and creams.

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