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Hair Stencils: Spin Up Your Hair With Glitter, Color & Jewels


Leopard Spots

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You may have been working on ways to really change out your look. Or you may really want to WOW your friends with a hot new look that is completely original. You don't want to spend a fortune and you don't want the cool new look to be anything but temporary.

Leopard spots were created in an elaborate hair design to the side.

Hair stencils are your answer to creating a smashing new look that can be jazzed up for a formal event like a special party, Prom or wedding, or they can be just fun and wild.

Hair stenciling allows you to create and apply temporary designs, hair paints and glitter to your hair. Although hair stencils tend to generally work better with shorter hair, they can be creatively applied to just about any length of hair and any color.

One thing is guaranteed. No one will be able to copy your unique design. If you hand make your own hair pattern and select a wild range of temporary hair colors and snap on jewels or glitter, you will have fun, look fantastic and be your own hairstyle trend setter.

Steps For Creating Hair Stencils

Stencil by Charles Worthington Honoring Breast Cancer Ribbon. All Rights Reserved

The only limit to the type, size, shape and number of hair stencils that you create are in your imagination.

It may not be as easy the very first time but like any work of art, experimenting can turn you into a pro in short order. Follow the steps below to begin creating your own fantasy hairstyles:

Step 1 - In order to maintain good control over the stencil, make a series of patterns from flat cardboard like materials. Large plastic lids from margin tubs or related products are other alternatives. Use any design that you like keeping in mind your level of experience. Most beginners might consider starting with simple designs like flowers, stars and hearts that are easier to apply. As you evolve you can experiment with different patterns shapes and materials.

Note: It works best if you draw the image with a pen or marker and then cut out the design into the plastic or cardboard.

Step 2 - Shampoo your hair with the appropriate shampoo for your hair type. Follow with rinse out conditioner or a good leave in conditioner to give your hair some protection from the various colors, glitters or gels you might add to create your ultimate stencil.

Step 3 - Use a blow dryer and dry your hair straight or to your desired texture. Make sure that hair is 100% dry before adding any paints, gels or glitters. Hair tattoos and stencils show up best on straight hair or in parts. If you wish to wear your hair wavy or curly keep in mind how the stencil will be ultimately incorporated into your style.

Step 4 - Have an assistant help you to plan out where to place the stencil pattern on your hair. Once you have agreed upon the placement, apply the medium of your choice. Remember to use any sprays or chemicals in a place that is well ventilated. Keep your face turned away and your eyes closed at all times during application.

Gold Stencil Accents

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If you wish to use color you can apply color using a spray-on color. Hold the spray 6-8 inches from your hair and then spray over the entire stencil opening.

Maniac Panic were created by Tish & Snooky who are the pioneers of punk colors. The MP colors can be applied to the stencil opening with a paintbrush.

Remember if your hair is naturally dark certain colors will be less visible than others. Apply the Manic Panic, decorate with tiny rhinestones or colored glitter and then set the design with light hair spray.

If you want to add extra hair shimmer add a tiny drop of shine product to the palms of your hands and then glide carefully over the sections of hair that have been stenciled.


Remember to use your fingers to carefully arrange your hair after you have applied the stencil. Limit your use of a styling tool that can potentially disturb the look. Be sure to spray your entire head with a good shaping spray.

If you are going to add hair jewels (large jeweled butterflies are definitely back), a tiara, fresh flowers or gorgeous hair sticks, place them in your style last, after you have applied any color, glitter or gels.

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