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Hair Resolutions For New Year's Eve 2000


The clock is ticking and 1999 is almost at a close. Most people make lots of New Years Eve resolutions and I am guilty of making my share.

Of course I always break them sooner or later.

This year I decided to make a list of some hair related New Year's Resolutions that are possibly "doable". Well at least I can give them a good try.

Feel free to borrow from my list and keep them or break them as you see fit.

1. Schedule all my 8 week trims right now.

While this may seem a little crazy, when I first make the decision to grow my hair long, I made a standing appointment with my long hair consultant.

Every first Tuesday of every month at 6:00 pm I had a standing appointment. I would alternate. One month I would get a bang trim and a deep conditioning, the next month I would go back for the ceremonial trimming of the ends.

I have a habit of forgetting just about everything. By making my appointments 1 year in advance I always knew where I had to be the first Tuesday of each month.

Whether you have long hair that needs the ends trimmed or short hair that requires constant shaping trims, the appointment in advance is very helpful.

Although my life has gotten too busy to keep the Tuesday appointments, I still go to my acupuncturist every Saturday at 10:00 and never forget. I have been going to him for over 5 years like clockwork.

2. Keep a good hair scrapbook & journal.

If you have spent much time at the Hair Boutique you know that I like to be a guinea pig and test hair care products. I also like to cut out appropriate styles and articles so I can write about them. Needless to say I never keep them all in one place and can never find the articles that I need, when I need them. (I told you I was forgetful).

Another good habit that I broke when I started growing my hair longer was to keep both a hair growing journal and a scrapbook with copies of styles that I liked, recipes for conditioning packs and the results that they had on my hair and pictures of long haired beauties that gave me inspiration.

Whether you are growing you hair long or not, having a hair journal and/or scrapbook can be a wonderful set of tools.

3. Buy all my products before I need them and in large quantities to save money.

I broke this resolution in a major way. I used to shop for most of my hair care products on the Web and would order the gallon drums of everything. I never ran out of anything. In fact, in the old days I had enough surplus to open a mini hair care supply store.

The down side to buying the gallon drums is that you may decide a product has stopped working. So be careful of overbuying.

If you know for sure that you are in for the long haul with a product, I encourage you to buy in advance.

4. Keep spares of all required hair styling tools

I almost never use my blow dryer but Murphy's Law bite me and when I dug my blow dryer out for a special event, it had died a silent death in my bathroom.

Which brings us to #5.

5. Always have hair care backup plans. These contingency plans include stashing miniature hair care products in your purse on carryon luggage incase your real luggage gets terminally lost.

Especially if you use special products like I do. Although ARTec and Aveda are generally sold in large metropolitan areas, I was not able to find them in the Mountains, in the middle of the desert or in Mexico. Yes, you guessed it. My luggage disappeared with my Aveda.

Although the airlines deny it, to this day I am convinced that the bags were taken for the hair care products which were worth more than anything else in the luggage. Well maybe not, but you get my drift.

6. Never go to a new hairstylist "on a whim" because you are bored. This is a lot like not going grocery shopping when you are hungry.

I have mountains of emails from bored hair people who popped into that hot looking little salon and walked out with monstrosities of perms, pixie cuts and purple striped hair.

If the whim hits you, email me first so I can talk you back to your sense. If you still must go, take a trusted friend that will drag you about of the salon before you are dyed or shorn within an inch of your life.

7. Always wear a baseball cap when driving in your convertible.

This will not work if you have no hair or don't own a convertible. But it is a nice resolution to make and keep if you are missing the necessary ingredients.

8. Never buy a new hair care product because it is on sale.

Since I love subjecting my hair to laboratory rat status I am very guilty of this one. In the future try to talk yourself out of buying it until you know that the product will not cause you to break out in ugly purple spots, have all our hair in tangles or make it fall out.

Which brings us to #9

9. Never, ever, never participate in a hair product swamp group on the Internet.

Yes, I have email from women who used that harmless shampoo that they exchanged for 2 lipsticks only to discovered that the product was laced with Nair or worse.

If it isn't sealed, don't trust it. End of subject.

10. Avoid trimming your ends while driving your car down a public road at 85 miles an hour.

Even if you drive slow, trimming as you drive is difficult because of the glare from the rearview mirror. OK, I am kidding, but I am sure you know what I mean.

Now that I have my list, I have my work cut out for me. I am sure that I will keep every single item on my list.

No problems with #9, I never though Nair went well with my hair coloring.

There is one New Year's promise that I will make to all the Hair Boutique visitors which I will definitely keep..........The Hair Boutique staff is going to continue to improve and expand Hair Boutique for all of 2000. Plans are already underway to add lots of new features and surprises.

While I may not keep all my hair resolutions, you will see that I will honor my comitment to making Hair Boutique the best it can be.

A Happy And Safe New Years to everyone!

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