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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt - Ships Passing On National Enquirer Pages

Besides being a self proclaimed workaholic, I'm also a major packrat. Sometimes the mountains of books and magazines I collect on my favorite topics - business, hair, beauty, celebrities, Astrology, Feng Shui and Self Help become completely out of control.

However, there are days like today when all that packratting comes in handy.

I was cleaning out some boxes of magazines in one of the "libraries" when I discovered a National Enquirer from May 2, 2000. In the Mike Walker Gossip pages was an interesting box on the bottom of the lower right hand corner of the first page with the title of "Joystick Jolie".

The box showcased a photo of busty cyberbabe Lara Croft with her gorgeous raven black hair.  Along with the image of Lara was a real life photo of beautifully coiffed Angie accepting her Academy Award for Girl Interrupted. The box explained that Angelina "will be gunning for more screen glory as Lara Croft in a movie version of the computer game" known as "Tomb Raider".

On the facing page in the top right corner was a photo of a much younger looking Brad Pitt with long sexy-in-his-eyes highlighted hair talking about how he had just signed on to design jewelry and rings for a famous line.

Why?  Because he had discovered the jewelry company when buying a ring for his financee Jennifer Aniston who he was going to marry in just a few short months.  Jennifer and Brad were married from 2000 - 2005.

There they were, the world's famous super couple on opposite corners of a celebrity column from May of 2000 over eight years ago.  In just a few months after that column was published Brad married Jen in their famous celebrity nuptials and Angie went off to  kick some Lara Croft butt on film.

Had the two already met at that point?  Its unlikely since all the press about them puts their first meeting during their filming of Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

Maybe I'm just weird but I thought the two together on those pages picturing those two potential love mates on opposite corners was prophetic in some way.  Or maybe it was just a strange coincidence. The celeb columnist Mike Wallace probably had no idea unless he's holding out on his readers and actually has a super powered psychic working for him in the wings.  Nah.  Even that sounds crazy.

As long as I'm discussing odd and unusual events, it should be noted by Feng Shui fans that Brad has a life number 1 (water), Jennifer a life number 2 (earth) and Angelina is an 8 (earth/mountain).

From a purely Feng Shui perspective (and my own humble opinion), Brad and Jen combined would lead to endings due to their 1-2 number combination.

Also, it indiciates (at least to me anyway) that Angelina as life qua number 8 wears the pants in the Brad/Angie 1-8 combo.  However the two are better suited for each other than Brad and Jen from a purely Feng Shui perspective. Angie's mountain energy gives Brad focus and structure.

What does this all prove?  Nothing really, except that it validates my need to be an ongoing packrat and continue to hord magazines, books and hair related papers as long as humanly possible.

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