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Tips And Tricks For Using Instant Tanner

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Introduction - Tips And Tricks For Using Instant Tanner

You don't need the sun to take advantage of any type of sunless program or instant tanner.

This blog covers the most common tips and tricks for using instant tanner.

Most sunless instant tanners suggest a basic series of 4 steps.

Many sunless tanning systems have products specially designed for each step in the instant tanning process to facilitate an incredible year round tan while extending the length of your sunless tan.

By doing each step listed below, it's estimated your tan will last approximately 7-10 days under normal life circumstances.

Tips And Tricks For Using Instant Tanner Steps

The tips and tricks for using instant tanner include the following:

• Prepare your body for the instant tanning products

• Apply the products to your body

How To Use Instant Tanning Spray How To Use Instant Tanning Spray

• Maintain the instant tanner once it has been applied

• Extend the treatment as long as possible

Prepare - Step 1

For best results, plan ahead. Exfoliating the day you're going to apply any type of sunless tanner makes a huge difference in the life of your tan.  Sunless tanner systems often come equipped with a scrub or exfoliating system which helps to gently exfoliates and smooth the skin.

Towel off well and proceed to the next step in the sunless process.

Always avoid using deodorants, body lotions, perfume and oils before you spray on any sunless tanning products or system.

Apply - Step 2

Follow product instructions carefully.  Many products recommend you shake the product frequently before and during use.  It will provide you consistent results for an all around tan.

Spray in the shower or in a well ventilated area.

Standing on a towel will help prevent any mess.  Spraying outdoors with friends when the weather is warm is great fun.

Hold the can about 12 inches from the body and apply evenly in smooth continues stokes. Having someone spray the back makes things much easier and is great fun.

Toned is lightly tinted so you can easily see where you have sprayed. There is no need to over-spray - your tan will start developing in a few hours. If you have light skin, a light application the first time is better.

Consider the following additional application tips:

- Use care to cover eyes and then apply around the eyes with a make-up sponge or cloth.

- Only lightly spray the backs of the hands and the top of your feet.

- Do not spray your palms and the soles of your feet.

- Washing your palms is a good idea when you are done.

- The color will fully develop over 6 to 8 hours after which you can shower.

How To Use Tanning SprayTanning Spray How To Use Tanning Spray

- Wear loose clothing.

- Remember immediate washing or activities causing you to perspire right after spraying will affect the length of your tan.

- Let your tan develop.

- For darker color or touch ups, you can re-apply the next day. Don't exfoliate first.

If you get any type of instant tanner in your eyes, flush with water.

Maintain - Step 3

Using harsh soaps will reduce the length of your tanned look.

Use of a gentle body wash helps maintain your tan.

Select a body wash specifically designed for use with sunless tanning.  When possible opt for a wash which hydrates the skin.  A hydrating wash will give  skin a smooth satiny feel while greatly helping to preserve a tan.

Toned Sunglass Toned Sunglass

Extend - Step 4

Utilize a tan extender product.  A tan extender will moisturize skin with a combination of rich emollients, anti-oxidants, and fortifying botanicals.

Apply a tan extender to your entire body as your daily moisturizer. It work well as a touch up to maintain a consistent tanned appearance.

Since many tan extender products contain DHA self tanner compounds, be sure to wash your hands after applying to avoid coloration of your palms.

Summary - Tips And Tricks For Using Instant Tanner

There are many tips and tricks which can be utilized for sunless or instant tanning.  Always do your homework before you begin and select a product which offers you a complete package to address the 4 keys steps which ensure the best results.

One such product line is Toned Sunless from Biddiscombe International, LLC - St Petersburg FL 33716.

Credits:  All images and related tips in this blog were provided by Toned Sunless.

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