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It may be obvious to you, but to some, finding their ultimate hair personality can be extremely challenging. Although it may be different than your overall fashion and signature scents, your hair type generally tracks with your total image.

There are many variations of hair personalities, but in general the following hair personality types exist:

1. Light-Hearted, Playful, Carefree, Free-Spirited

Julie Roberts 39th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards 05-26-04 All rights reserved

In past issue of a hair magazine, country music star Julie Roberts ("no relation to Julia Roberts") reported "I have highlights done about every six weeks just to lighten up the blonde. I think your hair is part of your personality and I like my hair to be a lighter color because I think that a part of my personality: I'm lighthearted."

Julie is not along in this hair personality category. Cameron Diaz, Kelly Osbourne and Drew Barrymore have similar hair personalities.

All of these celebrities gravitate towards hair styles and colors that are fun, playful and free-spirited.

Since they ooze self-knowledge, they can pull off just about any hairstyles favoring easy-to-wear tresses. Their favorite styles might include flirty ponytails, tousled hair knots or deconstructed styles that maximize natural hair textures.

This hair personality rocks great natural hairstyles that always look trendy and fun without must time or energy.

Although these celebs can do the Red Carpet Dance and pull out all the stops, they may select dressy styles featuring a few flirtatious tendrils that fly free along the hairline or at the nape of the neck.

Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham Los Angeles Galaxy Introduces David Beckham 07-13-07 All rights reserved

This hair personality loves careful hair cuts as well. Drew Barry summed up this hair personality when she said "a good freak-out sometimes brings out a great haircut".

2. Trendy, Chic, Edgy

Hair Trendsetters Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham, Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton are known for shaking things up.

and Eva Longoria all nail the tres chic hair title. You are known for your crisp, cool and cutting edge styles. Even though trendy appeals to you, off-the-wall styles that are shocking don't appeal.

Fun and eclectic. Vintage one day, designer duds the next mixed up with lots of personal attitude.

3. Sexy, Sultry, Passionate

Jennifer Lopez "El Cantante" Los Angeles Premiere 07-31-07 - All rights reserved

Jennifer Lopez, Rose McGowan and Carmen Electra are perfect role models for the sexy, sultry and passionate hair personality.

As a rule these hair personality types gravitate towards soft, sensual styles that can be subtle yet sexy.

Jennifer Lopez has the look together, the clothes, the hair, the make-up, she easily flows between sexy, sassy and passionate.

It is unlikely the sexy, sassy, passionate hair personality would ever consider going super short, at least not for the long term.

While they might pop on a shorter styled wig or hair extensions, sexy, sassy hair personalities believe in their hair that long lush locks are a key part in a steamy appearance.

At times the sexy hair personality might take on a hint of sassiness and let their hidden wild side come out but only for a brief moment.

Kate Hudson "You, Me and Dupree" Premiere 07-10-06 All rights reserved

4. Feminine, Romantic, Secretly Sensual

Kate Hudson, Jennifer Garner and Carrie Underwood. You gravitate towards styles that are soft, wispy, sensual and beautiful.

You adore styles that can be adorned with beautiful hair flower accessories or jeweled clips. Ashley Olsen.

5. Over The Edge, Funky, Fearless

Pink, Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas. Gwen Stefani and Sharon Stone are good examples of this type.

Pink First Annual MTVicon Awards 03-09-01 All rights reserved

Britney, Ashlee Simpson and Christina Aguilera have displayed this personality in the past but have transitioned into other hair personalities. Mary Kate Olsen.

Funky, fearless and constantly evolving to reflect the hottest new trends.

Over The Edge hairstyle personalities can be summed up as scene stealers. This hair personality is an extrovert with a finger on the pulse of cutting edge styles. These hair personality have a can-do attitude and will morph between icy platinum tipped styles to multi-hued spikes and quiff.

These hair personality love to shock and push the envelope. People always stand back and take notice of these hair rebels.

You are a short and sassy chick. Unitarian, but wild, the best do for you is short, spiky, gelled and a funky color.

You view life as a roller coaster ride full of change and fun. Sometimes, however you can cross the boundaries. Be you, not just different for the sake of being different.

6. Classic, Traditional, Businesslike

Marcia Cross 2006 Crystal And Lucy Awards 06-06-06 All rights reserved

Julia Roberts is a classic pretty woman with a range of traditional hairstyles to match. Marcia Cross also fits into this category walking a fine hair line between classic, traditional and business like looks. Cate Blanchett is always well put together.

Nicole Kidman is simply beautiful. She always looks classy and conveys a sense of style. She is a true classic.

You do not take change well, and think little of current styles. You like classic beauty, but take care not to get in a rut. Your best do is well-maintained, longer than shoulder-length hair. Experiment with updos and hair accessories to your heart's content.

Graceful, Demure, Ladylike

Jessica Alba Los Angeles Premiere of "Good Luck Chuck" 09-19-07 All rights reserved

Jessica Alba, Demi Moore, Jaclyn Smith and Katie Holmes are great examples of having graceful, demure and ladylike hair personalities.

Although quite the variety girl, Katie sticks with graceful, ladylike styles ranging from long and sleek to short and very sweet.

You are a medium-haired maven. Stylish yet moderate, you would never go out on a limb with your looks or your ideas.

A good diplomat, nevertheless, sometimes you have to stand up for what you believe in. Your best do is a bob, ear to chin length with enhancement of your natural color.

7. Hard Core Glamazon

The glamour girl hair personality incorporates alluring, sensual hairstyles.

Debra Messing Los Angeles Premiere of "Open Season" 09-25-06 All rights reserved

Debra Messing, Charlize Theron, Halle Berry and Beyonce are great examples of celebrities that are confident, beautiful glamour girls.

These perfect stunners know how to flaunt hairstyles and fashion to their advantage.

Their hairstyles are worn as if they are fabulous priceless jewels.

Although this hair personality does not necessarily shy away from the newest hairstyles, they opt for tresses which work with their gorgeous gowns and jewels selecting sleek shimmering styles. This hair personality is 100% hard core glamour.

8. Girl Next Store

The girl next door is modest and shy. In general, her character is open and straightforward. These hair personality types shudder at the thought of experimenting with shocking new hairstyles or off-the-chart hair colors.

Girl next door types wouldn't be caught dead shaving their head ala Britney, wearing spikes or showing off a multi-hued Mohawk.

A great example of a Girl-Next-Door hairstyle is demonstrated by brunette beauty Alexis Bledel who as Rory grew up before our eyes on Gilmore Girls.

Alexis Bledel "I Have A Dream" Foundation's 9th Annual Gospel Brunch 01-28-07 All rights reserved

Jennifer Aniston was our gorgeous girl next store on Friends, wearing her hair in a range of soft, natural hairstyles.

Alexis and Jennifer wear their tresses in hairstyles that are never out of fashion. They stick with natural shades such as chocolate browns with a hint of sun-kissed blonde highlights.

Other celebrity girls-next-door include Hillary Duff and Aimee Teegarden bypass shocking styles opting for pretty styles that incorporate soft textures and gorgeous shine.

According to celebrated hairdresser Frederic Fekkai, "Jennifer Aniston, Ashley Judd and Sharon Stone have the world's greatest hair". He believes all three of the female celebs have "learned that their hair says an awful lot about them and they embrace the challenge of looking how they feel." He says "they have great hairstyles. It's important that your hair say a lot about your personality. It gives a sense of your lifestyle and the mood you're in."


Okay, so you're born with the hair you've got -- but what hairstyle should you have? If your hairstyle was a pure expression of your tastes, attitudes and preferences, what would it look like? Discover your true hairstyle personality.

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