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Helmet Head Hairstyles Are Not Limited To Texas Hairstyles

Yes, I live in Dallas, Texas.  I have for almost the majority of my lifetime even though I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri.

Is it true that the majority of big hair is in Texas?  Although that's what the media says, I don't really see it in Dallas.  Maybe it's some other part of Texas that I haven't been too.  Who knows?

(Image courtesy of Rombel - 2005 - All Rights Reserved)

However, it's true that Dallas people have some of the best looking hair I have ever seen except maybe at times in New York and Los Angeles.

Do lots of people in Dallas use hairspray?  Yes they do.  Are they crazy about using it?  Not that I can see, but again, I really don't think Dallas people have unusually big hair.

A large majority of woman, as well as a lot of men,  in the United States use some form of hairspray. There are a wide range of hairsprays on the market. 

In fact, a dizzying array of brands and types from soft setting hairspray or firm holding spray which can be used to completely freeze hair into place.  Hairspray can be used to add volume, body or smooth rebellious hair.

(Image courtesy of Rombel - 2005 - All Rights Reserved)

Does how you use hairspray define you?  Not necessarily.  There may be a wide range of reasons that some people use just a little hairspray while others use tons.

Could it mean you have a certain personality when your hair is layered with spray?  Maybe but then again, maybe not.

Yes, the state of Texas does use up a lot of hairspray but it doesn't mean that the people here are all super conservative or have a need to control their hair to extremes.

What many people may not realize is that it is very windy in Texas.  Sometimes so windy that without a lot of hairspray your hair will instantly become a blown up mess in short order.

I recently read a commentary about the new hair trend towards helmet head styles inspired loosely by The Giles Deacon Spring/Summer 2009 collection which created a major buzz at the London fashion week. The designer, whose inspiration sprang from the 1980s game Pac-Man, sent models down the runway in a variety of fashion garments complete with  helmets.

Yes, there are some right-leaning men and women in Texas who do use lots of hairspray but that doesn't mean everyone in Texas who uses hairspray is right-leaning or that everyone who is right-learning has helmet head hairstyles.  Of course we do at times have excessive heat and humidity.  It depends on where in Texas you are living and the time of the year.

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