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Hair Makeover: Natural Curls - Fuzzy To Fab


At first glance it seemed hard to believe that Model Jennifer (shown to the side) required any type of makeover whatsoever.

("Before" Image of Jennifer - courtesy MultiMedia International - style by David Groshen - all rights reserved - 2005).

Although her medium length halo of ringlets seemed a bit unwieldy, her pre-makeover curly style flattered her combination of oval and heart shaped facial structure.

Getting Started Notes

Before her makeover, Jennifer wore her finely textured, naturally curly tresses swept up off her forehead and gently pushed back behind her ears. Her color was a combination of light and medium chocolate brown tones.


Genius hairdresser David Groshen (at Face Station Salon in New York City (212) 249-8866) focused on making minimal changes to Jennifer’s hairstyle and shape while enhancing her natural beautiful skin and hair. Separating the curls into individual strands, he skillfully created a slight wedge shape around the perimeter of the style to highlight her luscious layers of natural curls.


Jennifer was blessed with a natural beauty that was downplayed by her slightly drab brown hair color.

(Image of Jennifer during the coloring process of her makeover - Image courtesy MultiMedia International - all rights reserved - 2005).

Cranking up her natural glow, David wove in a series of painstakingly placed gold based highlights and lowlights that added instant warmth and pizzazz. Jennifer’s color instantly morphed from boring brunette to gorgeous gold.


(Image of Jennifer during the make-up process of her makeover - Left to right - Cristina Turino of FaceStation, model Jennifer - Image courtesy MultiMedia International - all rights reserved - 2005)

To maximize the beauty of Jennifer’s gorgeous curls, David coated Jennifer’s freshly washed and towel dried strands with a light styling gel.

He specifically avoided using any other heavy styling products that might weigh down the delicate spiral formations.

After letting her freshly gelled tresses air dry for a few minutes to remove excess moisture, David used a finger diffuser attached to his blow dryer to encourage the formation of natural ringlets and curls as he finger combed and dried the strands into place. Focusing the arrangement of Jennifer’s curls so that her naturally curly style flattered her face shape, he gently styled the front section of hair into a diagonal shape that extended from the top of the eyebrows down towards her chin.

("After" Image of Jennifer - courtesy MultiMedia International - - all rights reserved - 2005).

To touch up loose curls and form them into tighter ringlets, he used a small barrel curling iron around the perimeter of the style. He finished off by using a light layer of gloss product to kick up the shine.


Once David was finished creating a masterpiece of style and color, makeup artist Cristina Turino applied a beautiful palette of hues to compliment Jennifer's sensual new look.


Jennifer’s already beautiful curly style was kicked up a notch with a strategic perimeter wedged trim. Her natural glow was turned on by taking her color from a boring brown to a glamour girl golden. Jennifer’s image went from sweet to fun and flirty with minimal changes.

("After" Image of Jennifer - courtesy MultiMedia International - style by David Groshen - all rights reserved - 2005).

Visit David & his fabulous team at Face Station Salon at 855 Lexington Avenue in New York (212) 249-8866 for your own jaw-dropping transformation. Please tell David that Karen at sent you.

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Story Credits

Styles: David Groshen Makeup: Cristina Turino Photographer: Paul Colliton Editorials: Karen Marie Shelton

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