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Hair & Hairstyling Tips: Headband Wearing Dos & Don'ts


Kelly Osbourne Wide Bandeau Style 12/10/2005

Headbands have been recorded in history as early as 600 B.C. In The Changing Face of Beauty by Madge Garland a famous Egyptian goddess is portrayed with a hair band that looks very much like a 60s style headband.

Byzantine women displayed in old mosaic style portraits were shown wearing jewel encrusted bands in their hair.

Headbands, like other hair and fashion accessories, cycle in and out of popularity on a regular basis. In reality, headbands never ever go completely out of style. The reason? Headbands are both functional and ornamental.

Not all headbands are functional nor are all ornamental. However, with the proper knowledge of what is available in the marketplace you can find headbands for any length of hair from super short to long and for any type of hair type and texture from fine and thin to thick and curly. Different hairstyles work for different hair types, textures and lengths. Knowing the best headband for your hair can be a hair lifesaver.

I have been studying the mechanics of headbands since I was able to wear them to hold back my own hair. A fan of the stretchy bandeaus I have utilized headbands to hold my hair back off my face, to deal with awkward growing-out bangs and to look chic.

In 1996 when was started I began digging deep into the minute details of headbands and discovered an amazing amount of information about these fashion accessories favorites.

Hand Crafted vs Injection Mold

In the very earliest days headbands were hand crafted. Some of the finest quality of headbands every made were the original real tortoise shell bands made in France. When the turtle that produces authentic tortoise was placed on the list of endangered species, hair accessory companies were no longer able to use real tortoise. Instead, a very close copy of tortoise was developed which is known as cellulose. This is a very high quality all natural material that is manufactured in sheet form. The actual headbands are hand cut and hand polished from the large cellulose sheets.

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