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Headband Hairstyle How To

Headband Hairstyle How To

Headbands are the current day tiara. When a traditional headband, also known as a hairband, is combined with a gorgeous flower, Swarovski encrusted bow or other embellishment, it can make you feel just like royalty.

Many brides now skip the traditional bridal veil in favor of a crystal encrusted or tulle, satin and silk embellished headband.

(Image of the Swarovski encrusted Tarina Tarantino - Paisley Peacock Tulle Flower Headband in luscious purple - Available in the Marketplace - Image from

Bridesmaids, Prom goers and anyone wanting a dressy hair accessory can instantly dress up their hair with the many spectacular headband options available.

A great headband is a perfect way to dress up any hairstyle from super short to super long.   The right headband can help to create an array of  adorable looks.

Headband Wearing Rules

Paris Hilton is famous for wearing a dizzying array of headbands.  Paris knows how to balance her hairstyle with the head band she wears.

When wearing any type of headband make sure to consider the following rules:

1.  Select a headband which complements the base hair color.

2.  Wear a band which enhances rather than detracts from your hair type, texture, length and style.

3.  When combined with a hair twist, updo or chignon, make sure the headband enhances the hairstyle rather than detracts from it.

4.  With the correct headband selection you can feel like a princess in your selected headband.

5.  Avoid selecting a headband which crosses the line from fashionable to costume-y.

When she wears a headband with a large embellishment like the crystal encrusted bow head to the side, she will often wear her hair pulled back off her hairline to showcase the band's design.

Or she may wear a section of her hair draped on the opposite side of her head from where she positioned the headband's centerpiece.  In the image to the side she wears part of her hair pulled back and part brushed to the side to show off the headband's crystal encrusted bow.

(Image of the Swarovski encrusted Tarina Tarantino - Elastic Headband w/ Lace Flower & Lucite Skull Cameo - Ivory - Available in the Marketplace - Image from

Whether you decide to splurge on a headband with traditional Swarovski crystal accents, a high priced designer piece or a budget based glam band there's a headband for every budget and every mood.   Headbands are the ultimate hair-dresser-upper.

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