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Hair Coloring Tools


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Before you color your hair at home, whether you use a pre-packaged color kit or buy your own individual color at a beauty supply store or use a kit from your professional hair colorist be sure to read any and all the instructions from cover to cover.

You would be surprised how many consumers buy the box and apply it to their hair without first reading the instructions.

Once you have read the instructions and are sure you which to proceed be sure to gather all of your hair coloring tools together before you proceed.

Gather the follow Hair Coloring Tools:

1. Plastic Gloves - latex or plastic 2. Measuring cup or cups for liquids 3. Professional Mixing Bowl 4. Hair color brushes - 1 applicator color brush and long tail brush 4. Cape to protect your clothing 5. Old towels you don't mind getting messy 6. One jumbo rake comb 7. Three or move long jumbo hair clips 8. Optional: Vaseline or similar to protect hairline.

Most home hair color kits come with a Hair Color Dispenser Bottle. However, you may or may not need a back-up bottle. If you do, you can purchase one from the nearest beauty supply show.

Plastic Gloves

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Consider purchasing latex over plastic unless you have a known latex allergy. Latex is more flexible and gives you more sensitivity. Many of the boxed kits contain plastic gloves. If you want latex gloves you may need to search for them.

Latex gloves provide a great degree of sensitivity. They allow you to judge better where the color is by feel. Latex gloves are especially helpful when apply the color to the back of your head.

Bowl & Brushes

Visit your local beauty supply store and pick up a professional quality plastic bowl and brush for mixing the color.

Look for a bowl that is deep and has a notch on the side for easy handling, and a rubber base to keep it from tipping.

Sometimes you can find all of your hair color tools packaged together.

Be sure to carefully time all of your color steps to avoid mistakes.

When In Doubt

If you are unsure about any steps along the home hair color way be sure to postpone your color steps until you are comfortable with the processes you are about to undertake.

Consult with your own professional hairdresser or colorist or call the toll free support line for the manufacturer of the hair color kit you purchased to have questions answered.

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