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8 Signs Of A Great Colorist

Introduction - 8 Signs Of A Great Colorist

Alterna - Long Blonde Hairstyle Long Blonde Hairstyle

Hair color is much more than a fashion accessory. It's an incredibly powerful medium a great colorist utilizes as an absolute hair art form.

Great hair colorists may be hard to find, but a great colorist is one part master sculptor, painter and model maker.

Every one who wants great hair color needs to find a really great professional colorist.

What are 8 signs of a great colorist?

They include, but aren't limited to, the following signs:

1.  A great colorist inspires trust with their understanding of how to construct highly detailed hair hues which amp up the beauty and individuality of  every client.

2.  Whether it's your first visit with a colorist or you've been working with them for years, they always do a pre treatment consultation to understand your current hair color goals, issues and concerns. They listen carefully.

3.  Colorists should never recommend any type of hair color treatments without first doing a complete analysis of their client's current hair condition.  They should always examine per-treatment hair closely in order to factor in how color will impact hair post-treatment. Professional colorists will advise against any hair color plans which may create long term damage.

4.  Skilled colorists work with realistic color palettes which are compatible with the client's lifestyle, skin and eye tones. They recommend natural tonal options which are most harmonious and easy to maintain with low impact root regrowth.

Even better, they create a natural-looking, woven-in color scheme which extends time between touch-ups.

Brilliant Shades Of Blonde Brilliant Shades Of Blonde

5.  Colorists provide detailed post-treatment care instructions including recommended products they actually use either in their practice or on their own tresses.  They also advise you how long you should wait before washing your hair after application of your color as well as how often you should cleanse at home.

6.  The best colorists constantly take color classes and receive new certifications. They're skilled at all the latest coloring techniques including traditional cap and {{asin=B004HYL2QQ,text=foiling}} as well as free hand Baylage painting. They'll suggest utilizing coloring techniques which work best for your hair and your lifestyle rather than because they're popular with celebrities.

7.  Great hair color experts aren't married to the {{asin=B001B9I74U,text=brands}} they use. They're flexible and will utilize the best color palettes which are the very best for the client.

8.  The very best colorist will check in with you post-treatment after you've left the salon to make sure all is well.  If for some reason you're unhappy, they'll offer post-treatment adjustments and/or care.

Summary - 8 Signs Of A Great Colorist

Great hair color can make a good hair cut or style look spectacular. Hair color takes a blank canvas from basic to brilliant and unveils one's true beauty potential.

Dull Reds become radiant in the hands of a great colorists is transformed into rich shades of shimmering spun gold.  caramel with copper enhanced ribbons while brunettes are amped up with caramel and toffee.

Hair colorists use color like painters uses paint. It's one of the very important tools they have in their skill set.  Which is why it's so important to find a great colorist for your hair.

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