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Five Most Common Signs Of Aging Hair

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Five Most Common Signs Of Aging Hair

Many hair experts agree that the five most common signs of aging hair include the following conditions:

1.  Appearance of gray, white, silver strands and loss of natural color vibrancy.

2.  Dry, dehydrated, moisture starved strands with frizz, flyaway strands and damage.

3.  Dull tresses devoid of shine or shimmer.

4.  Thinning and overall loss of volume.

5.  Loss of manageability with natural texture losing its shape and definition.

Tools To Address Signs Of Aging Hair

Luckily every one of these challenges can be managed with a wide range of affordable hair care, styling and treatment tools.

Address the five most common signs of aging hair with the following tools:

1.  Evaluate the best plan for either incorporating gray, white or silver strands into your current base.  If you opt to cover the grays, find a great demi or semi-perm hue to cover your changing strands.  Or work with a professional hair colorist to create a long term gray coverage plan.

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2.  Hydrate moisture starved strands by switching to products designed to reverse dryness.    Utilize a rinse out conditioner, leave-in conditioner and schedule regular deep conditioning treatments,

3.  Bust the challenge of dull tresses which have lost natural shine or shimmer by washing strands less often. Cleanse in lukewarm water just 2-3 times a week.  Evaluate switching to a Low Poo, No Poo, Diluted Shampoo (DS) or Conditioner Only Wash (CO Wash).  Finish with a cool water rinse to add natural shine, minimize use of hot drying and styling tools and use shine enhancing styling products (gel, serum, finishing spray).

4.  Enhance or add root life and volume with root volumizing product. Evaluate the benefit of using hair fortifying protein-laced styling products. As hair thins, it loses its natural strength and becomes weaker leading to breakage and loss. Visit your stylist and request a cut which amps up natural texture, movement and bend.

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5.  If your hair has lost its natural shape or manageability have your hairstylist shape your hair to enhance natural wave, curl and coil formation.

Additional Tips

Of course avoid overexposure to UV rays from the sun.  The sun, wind and environmental elements can also cause delicate strands to take a regular beating.

Proper nutrition can offer major support for aging hair.  Hair experts recommend a high-protein, low-fat, low-carb food plan for long term hair health.  Taking vitamins designed for hair health, especially one that contains B vitamins, can work wonders for hair which is suffering from common aging signs.

Avoid harsh or extreme chemical processing as much as possible and limit use of hot styling tools which can instantly dehydrate strands.

Be sure to get adequate sleep, drink plenty of water every day and take vitamin supplements which will help minimize aging strands.  Just because your biological age advances it doesn't mean you have to have old person hair.

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