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Hair Color Tips: Cupcake Blonding Technique


Paul Mitchell Platinum Blonde Collection 2006

Created by Stephanie Kocielski, this cupcake blonding technique is as delicious as it sounds.

Think about a cupcake and how you might eat it. The shape of the cupcake – cherry on top, frosting on top surface and sides, cake on the bottom – is the inspiration for this simple yet lovely technique.

On the model, the lightest color peaks through the fringe and the sides, allowing the blonde to be the primary focus.

By shifting the sections front, back or side to side, the variations are endless. The NEW Platinum series from Paul Mitchell the color is perfect for lifting with control.

So colorists can create their cupcake just the way they like it!

Natural Level: 6

Canvas Level: Pre-lightened with re-growth


(1) Paul Mitchell the color equal parts 7P + 7NB + 20 volume Cream Developer (Sections One and Three)

(2) Paul Mitchell the color equal parts 9P + 30 volume Cream Developer (Section Two)

Technique, Step 1:

  • Section One: Part off the top section off center over the right eye. Secure with a clip. This section has three points and is similar to a ‘Y’ shape. The width, length and exact shape of the section will be based on the amount of color you wish to see and where you want to place the most or least visible color.
  • Section Two: Begin parting at the recession at the hairline and follow the parietal ridge (round of the head) through the occipital bone on both sides. This is your ‘base’ section. Secure with a clip.
  • Section Three: The last section is the section below the parietal ridge and the occipital bone. Secure with a clip.

Technique, Step 2:

  • Apply Paul Mitchell the color equal parts 7P + 7NB + 20 volume Cream Developer (1) scalp to ends to Sections One and Three.
  • Apply Paul Mitchell the color equal parts 9P + 30 volume Cream Developer (2) scalp to ends to Section Two.

Processing time: 35 minutes

Remove hair color with Paul Mitchell Shampoo Two followed by The Detangler

For Stephanie Kocielski, the NEW Platinum Series colors from Paul Mitchell the color are just what she needs to create icy cool blondes with her new cupcake design. “I love the NEW Platinum Series!

It’s a goof-proof way to create cool blondes and light browns. Tell warm or gold tones to take a hike if you don’t want them.


For more information about Paul Mitchell Professional Hair Color, please contact your John Paul Mitchell Systems Distributor or log on to the Paul Mitchell Professional Web site located on the Web at:

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