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Hair 2004: Short Hairstyle Trends


If you're fan of short hair styles or if you are considering going short for 2004 you may be confused by the short tressed styles that are popping out all over the fashion runways, the covers of the fashion magazines and the celebrity red carpets.

(Image of Alyssa Milano - WB's Charmed 2003 - all rights reserved)

So how do you choose a great short look for you for 2004?

Although short styles in the past used to follow pretty clear definitions such as the chop versus the bob versus the shag, the lines have become completely blurred over the past year.

For 2004 we have a completely new set of rules. There are now layered chops that have some lengths that would fall more into a bob category. We have choppy, croppy shaggy and chippy, flippy jaw-length bobs.

What does this mean for short hair fans? First of all it underlines that fact that if you have a short style in mind you must take photos to your stylist to make sure you are talking about the same style. Secondly it means that depending on your face shape, hair type and texture that there are no limit to they type of short style.

With the2004 short hair trends of "anything goes", you have the freedom to mix and match bangs, chips, flips, layers, shags, chops and panel strands to create your own customized tresses. You can blend in highlights, lowlights, colored tips, or partial colors. On top of the styles, lengths, bangs and colors, you can add curls or waves or both. Even tiny accent braids, dreads and hair wraps will work with some versions of short styles.

WOW. Is you head spinning? Mine is, just thinking about the unbelievable endless possibilities.

Even better, there is no list of short styles that are dominant. If a style works with your face and eyes and looks fabulous, it is right in step with current hair trends.

If you are not sure what type of have-it-your-way short style to adopt, consider these options:

1. Check out the hot short tressed celebs to see what they're doing with their strands. Although Alyssa Milano (see top of article above) is sticking with her Mia Farrow 60s super chop style, fellow Charmed castmate Rose McGowan is going with a longer choppy bob that flows into flirtatious slightly flipped ends.

(Image of Rose McGowan - WB's Charmed 2003 - all rights reserved)

Both of these Charmed women are well suited to the short styles that they are currently wearing. Alyssa has delicate features and huge eyes which are played up with her short sculptured pixie crop.

Rose looks absolutely fabulous in both the color and style of her longer choppy bob. If you look closely you will notice that Rose's light burgundy hue is lightly layered with ribbons of lighter strawberry and blonde strips.

If you fancy either style for your own hair, take lots of photos of Alyssa and Rose to you favorite stylist and discuss adopting the style to your own locks. If you are unsure that you want to go as short as Alyssa, start with a longer bob style like Rose wears and then you can consider going even shorter in the future.

2. Play a part and get a big bang with short hair options. If you are undecided about your best short style, keep your current length, whether medium, long or short but have bangs added to your look in the interim.

(Image of Ashlee Simpson - 7th Heaven - All rights reserved).

Try a new part or add or modify existing bangs. Both options can instantly give you a feeling of a new shorter style without the actual help of the scissors.

Angled and choppy parts are big news for 2004. There are no set rules for what type of parts are best. They can be created precisely or on a sudden whim.

Bangs will continue to be a hot trend for 2004 and like short hair looks, all versions of fringes are hot. Whether you go with vertically sliced, razored edged bangs or long angled forehead tresses, you can instantly alter your look.

Beautiful blonde Ashlee Simpson (shown above) currently wears a shaggy style crafted by celebrity stylist Ken Paves.

Ashlee combines her shaggy shorter style with an angled eye skimming sweep of fringed hair. Not only does it add an instant glam factor to her style, it gives Ashlee new styling options for her look. She can wear the fringe seductively tucked behind one ear, pinned back to the side or pulled up and off her forehead.

3. Highlight the short possibilities by trying on new hues. As you evaluate your short hair options, let a color change lead you in new directions.

(Image of Allison Mack from Smallville - copyright - all rights reserved).

Hot chocolate and cocoa colors are the brunette to-dye for shades for 2004. Soft creamy caramels, vanilla and white chocolates are the lighter hues that in big demand. Often the hues are blended together to give a creamy blonde color with hints of chocolate and caramel woven together. Redheads can play with a range of ruby and strawberry strands that mix and match blonde or chocolate stripes.

Try on color for size and if you love it, change your length to work with the new hues.

Actress Allison Mack (above) is a perfect example of a mix 'n match short style for 2004. Her chin length French vanilla hued bob is heavily layered ending in razored edges that are slightly choppy and flippy. She has beautiful volume near the roots that flow perfectly into the ends. Her side swept bangs brush the top of her eyebrows. This is a stunning short look that would work for just about any face shape, hair type or texture.

4. Flip For New Directions

If you love your current hair length but want to adopt some of the sizzling short style trends, have your hairstylist give you a cheat sheet look by razoring in some edges at the bottom of your current style so you can add sensuous flips or flicks when you feel the whim.

(Pictured: Elisha Cuthbert as Kim BauerT - 2003 FOX Credits: Lorenzo Agius/FOX - all rights reserved).

Or have some vertically sliced layers adding strategically around your face or crown to give more volume and movement without impacting your overall length.

5. Take A Short Style For A Test Run

If your heart is set on a new 2004 short sizzle but your head is still in doubt, do as Jessica Simpson does and combine short wigs with her longer tresses. Jessica's hairdresser Ken Paves confessed that many of Jess's quick change styles from long to short involve add-on hair or layered wigs.

(Pictured: Jessica Simpson on Good Morning America - ABC - all rights reserved).

Ken also plays with short hair extension pieces to instantly add bangs or short fringy hair sweeps to many of his celebrity clients like Marley Shelton and Carmen Electra. Take a hint from Ken and Jessica and try on a short wig while you wrap your head around the idea of a major hair change.


Anything goes with short styles for 2004. Whether you want to combine a super short pixie with a long sweep of fringe or combine a bob with short choppy layers and vertical slices, all rules are open for your personal interpretation.

Play with a combination of short hair options from length and style to color and parts. The only guidelines you should follow is to select a style that looks great for your facial features, your hair type and texture and your lifestyle.

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