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Gerard Yosca: Famous Designer


Gerard Yosca - Black Cuff w/Cherry, Rose & Peridot Hued Stones

Gerard Yosca Black Cuff w/Cherry, Rose & Peridot Hued Stones

Gerard Yosca is one of America's most established fashion jewelry designers. Gerard has developed a singular style over the past 25+ years. His style is a combination of his knowledge of the past and current trends, a keen sense of color, a good sense of humor, and personal vision.

Note: April 3, 2008 - Please visit the blogs. I will be writing a lot more about Gerard over the next few days with some updated information.

I can personally attest to Gerard's wonderful funny bone having had the special privilege of meeting him at a recent fashion market event. I found the New York resident calmly hanging out near the perimeter of his booth which was literally bursting at the seams with his signature spectacular brooches, bracelets, earrings and necklaces.

Gerard was sipping a hot drink and appeared totally relaxed while joking "he had just arrived" knowing that his hard working "first string" had already assembled the booth and laid out the eye-popping baubles. He laughed and said that "all I have to do is show up since everyone else does all the hard work".

Gerard Yosca - Black Cuff w/Green & Turquoise Hued Stones

Gerard Yosca Black Cuff w/Green & Turquoise Hued Stones

Never mind that there would be no show without all the hard work that Gerard has invested over the past 20+ year perfecting his craft and creating his gorgeous world class designs.

Whether you are a fan of Gerard's designs or not, it would be hard to resist his easy charm and warm smile. Although I made it a point to stop and chat with this legendary designer, the entire time I was wildly distracted by all his spectacular new designs that my attention span was completely splintered.

After binging on several new buys of vintage encrusted cuffs, brooches and other accessories, I was able to better focus on my attempts to hold a focused conversation with Gerard.

While Gerard's themes and materials continually change, fine craftsmanship is the virtual mantra of the company. Creating the butterfly trend in accessories and being the first designer to re-introduce enamel jewelry to a generation is some of the reasons why Gerard is considered such an innovate resource in the fashion industry.

Pushing His Design Boundaries

Gerard Yosca - Large Turquoise Blue Leather Cuff

Gerard Yosca Large Turquoise Blue Leather Cuff w/handcrafted leather flowers

Although he no longer develops hair accessories, for a number of reasons, he continues to push the boundaries with his innovative resources. His new line of brooches (coming any day to are eclectic designs infused with a variety of hot new materials including feathers and an array of stones.

Gerard is known for using new and diverse materials. As always, his latest collections including Swarovski and Austrian crystals, custom made glass stones, semi-precious minerals, carved woods and hand-spun glass beads and pearls dipping in many coats of Lacquer.

Gerard's jewelry and fashion accessories are showcased in department and specialty stores throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. You can catch these gorgeous Yosca pieces at Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue (two of my personal favorite New York stores), Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Fenwick's of London and Ginza of Japan. I am proud to point out that you can also find some of Gerard's gorgeous works of fashion ecstasy at

The cool thing about Gerard's designs is that they are generally fairly limited editions. This means that what you might find at Saks or Neimans, or, you may not easily find anywhere else, if you do find them.

Celebrities Wearing Gerard Yosca

Gerard's designs have been spotted being worn on the following celebrities:

Drew Barrymore, Elizabeth Shue, Kristen Dunst, Julianne Moore, Ellen Barkin, Andie McDowell, Melissa Joan Hair, Kim Bassinger, Demi Moore, Brooke Shields, Mimi Rogers, Julie Harris, Jada Pinkett, Lisa Loeb, Terri Hatcher, Reese Witherspoon and Salma Hayek to name just a few.

The cool thing about Gerard, he is humble and loyal to his long time customers and fans. Some accessory designers as their reputation grows, become too big for their britches and they forget all the people that helped them get to the top. Not Gerard. He is the kind of person that will always remember those that supported him. Which is just one more reason to love his fabulous designs.

As Seen On TV

Gerard's designs have also been spotted being worn on the following TV shows:

Friends (on Phoebe), Sabrina, Charmed, Buffy The Vampire Slayer 90210, Melrose Place, The West Wing, Ally McBeal, Oprah, Rikki Lake, Today, Good Morning America and ER, to name just a few.

Finding Inspiration

Gerard Yosca - Pink Bracelet Cuff w/Rose, Opal & Pearl Hued Stones

Gerard Yosca Pink Bracelet Cuff w/ Rose, Opal & Pearl Hued Stones

While some people may melt at the site of a movie or rock star, I experience crazed fan syndrome when I meet world class accessory designers like Gerard. After spending time in the past holding his inspired gems in my hands I felt tongue tied when I had the chance to pick his brain about his designs.

After gushing about the true genius of his latest designs, I felt like a world-class accessory nerd. Gerard was very gracious and politely ignored my obvious hero worship. As my tongue untangled I managed to remember to ask him how he got the inspiration for his various designs.

He smiled and told me "inspiration comes from everything and from nothing". Gerard explained that he is "always searching for new sources of inspiration from everyday things such as colors of a glazed pot, a detail from a cast iron stand or a pattern from a floral coverlet". Whenever he travels or has time in New York, Gerard haunts Sunday flea markets to stimulate his creative juices.

Making A Place For Accessory Designers

Gerard is very active in promoting accessories. Elected to the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), Gerard is determined to help claim a place in fashion history for accessory designers. And you can bet that he will.

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