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Eva Longoria Parker's Hairstyle: Shorter, Sassier & Spectacular


Eva Longoria Parker 2008 ALMA Awards Nominees Press Conference 07-21-08

Recently Eva Longoria Parker was the hostess of the 2008 ALMA Awards showcasing an eye popping array of gowns accessorized with an equally amazing collection of carefully created hairstyles.

As always, Eva oozed grace, beauty and spectacular glamour. She even took to the dance floor performing with the Black Eyed Peas.

It's no surprise Eva captured headlines after the 2008 ALMA Awards. Nor was it any shock when the media recently buzzed with news of Eva's most recent shorter haircut.

Contrary to various random reports, Eva's spectacularly sleek chin-length bob was only partially inspired by Gabriella. Eva told Entertainment Tonight "I had to cut my hair for the show because Gabrielle has short hair" in the new season - The Fifth.

While it's true the new Desperate Housewives season takes Gabriella to a whole new frame of reference as a harried housewife, any hairstyles necessary to reflect her TV role had only a limited connection to Eva's sizzling hot new haircut.

Keep in mind with the latest snap-on hair extensions, clip-in chignons and other fabulous hair accessories, within reason, Eva now has the freedom offset, to wear her hair the way she desires.

Eva Longoria Parker 2008 ALMA Awards Nominees Press Conference 07-21-08

Bottom line, the new hairstyle was a true reflection of Eva's ongoing evolution as a world class beauty, hairstyle trend setter, fashion leader and glamour girl.

Eva's Haircut - A Long Time Coming

According to Ken Paves, Eva's long time Super Celebrity Hairdresser (and close personal friend of mine), the lovely actress "wore a short ten inch Hairdo bob hairstyle for the last episode of Season Four of the ABC hit season".

The Hairdo piece worn by Eva, according to Ken, "was pulled back into a very messy half ponytail". As Ken explained, the hairstyle "created a less glamorous look" which was in keeping with Gabriella's character at that point in the series.

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In truth, Ken continued "Eva had been wanting to cut her hair short for some time". Indeed, the actress told Entertainment Tonight "I had to cut my hair for the show because Gabrielle has short hair," she says. "I wore a wig in the last episode, but I didn't want to wear a wig this whole season, so I was like, 'I'm going to cut it!

Not only did Eva yearn to cut her hair into a shorter, sassier style, but her husband Tony Parker, "liked the idea of short hair" on his stunning wife. Indeed, Eva was widely quoted in the media as saying "Tony has been wanting me to cut my hair".

Eva Longoria Parker Whaleman Foundation Benefit 08-10-08

After "shooting the new Desperate Housewives Season's promos, Eva and Ken retreated to the Parker household" where Tony was waiting.

In a "fun and exciting new twist" on cutting Eva's hair Ken suggested "Tony take the scissors" and make "the first cut" on his wife's tresses, since he was definitely "into cutting her hair". As Eva reported "Ken set it up for Tony and said "you do the first cut. I don't want her to be made at me if she hates it".

Eva noted "Tony cut about half of it (her hair) and then Ken fixed it".

According to Ken, he instructed Tony "how to comb the hair down and hold it in place at the nape of the neck", the star athlete proved his finesse with the scissors.

Indeed, not only did he show a natural knack for cutting hair, Ken praised Tony's ability to "quickly pick up how to cut Eva's hair", even taking the time to stop and "check his work".

Working together, the celebrity hairdresser and basketball star "pulled the side sections of Eva's hair back and into the nape of the neck for a gorgeous graduated front.".

When Tony was finished with the basic cut, Ken "stepped in to create the final clean-up".

Ken marveled at "Eva's amazing super thick hair" which required a lot of cutting to create the appropriate taper". After the cut was finished Ken whipped out his famous styling tools and "flat ironed Eva's new hairstyle to create shimmering sleekness".

Cut & Color

Eva Longoria Parker 2008 ALMA Awards 08-17-08

Since Ken and Eva had been planning her hair makeover in advance, they had also "planned to color Eva's hair after cutting it". Ken's stylist Marissa (from the Ken Paves Salon in Beverly Hills) who normally colors Eva's hair, was standing by with her color formulas.

After the cut was finished and hot ironed, Ken revealed "Eva's color looked amazing without any additional adjustments from Marissa".

The new haircut was a big hit. Ken reported "Eva and her husband love it" which is no surprise since as Ken noted "the new look is sleek, modern and incredibly sexy!".

Eva told OK! magazine, when asked about her new hairdo "I love it. I come into hair and make up now and it's ten minutes instead of two hours".

Setting The Hair Record Straight

When I asked Ken - one of my all time favorite Super Celeb Hair Maestros - why the media reported that Eva's short haircut was created for her Housewife character Gabriella, he commented "unfortunately the media chose to wait and capture Eva's look after a day on set, with frumpy hair, and compared it against her previous uber-glamorous long locks".

As a result, the wrong assumptions were made regarding why Eva cut her hair. Ken, who thinks Eva looks "genius" with her sexy new hairstyle hopes her "courage to make a change" will inspire others to make hair changes they "will enjoy".

Since Eva has famously led hair trends in the past, there is little doubt that her sexy new shorter style will motivate others to embrace their own hair visions.

A New Hair Canvas For Ken

Eva Longoria & Tony Parker 2008 ALMA Awards 08-17-08

Since Ken and Eva have been jointly masterminding her eye popping, mouth dropping, spectacular hairstyles for almost four years, Eva's new short hairstyle is just the beginning of a dizzying array of possibilities for Ken - an acknowledged Super Celebrity Hairdresser.

A good case in point was the recent 2008 ALMA Awards where Eva showcased hairstyles incorporating a myriad of textures, lengths, parts and fringes. She looked stunning in both side-swept and full blunt bangs combined with both deep side and center parts.

If anything, Eva's new shorter hair cut will only serve to inspire the dynamic duo consisting of the famous Housewife and her Hairdresser to create amazing new hairstyles.

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Steal Eva's Hair Style

As Ken has reported "Eva's amazing hair is super thick". To copy her hot new short hair style follow the steps detailed below:

1. Start with a precision bob style short haircut created by a hairdresser.

2. Shampoo with your favorite product designed for your hair's type, texture and current condition.

Eva Longoria Parker 14th Annual Screen Actors Guild Award Arrivals 01-27-08

One to try: Ken Paves Healthy Hair Daily Shampoo which gives instant body, strength & shine.

3. If appropriate for your hair's texture and condition, apply a rinse out conditioner like the Ken Paves Healthy Hair Daily Conditioner.

4. Rinse well finishing with a cool or cold rinse to close cuticles and enhance natural shine.

5. Towel blot to remove excess moisture.

6. Apply a good detangling or leave-in conditioning product followed by an application of your favorite straightening balm, mousse or other styling product.

Note: If you prefer lots of volume, apply volume enhancing products to your damp tresses.

7. Use a boar bristle round or paddle brush in conjunction with a blow dryer with a concentrator nozzle and work in small sections around your head until your hair is completely dry.

Eva Longoria Parker Ken Paves PADRES Contra El Cancer 7th Annual Fund Raising Gala 10-18-07

8. Create desired part and use a medium sized straightening iron to create a sleek curtain of tresses.

9. Finish with a drop of Ken Paves Healthy Hair Shine Serum and a spritz of Ken Paves Healthy Hair Shaping Finishing Spray.

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It's no surprise when Ken and Eva put their heads together, along with the help of Eva's husband Tony, they created a fabulously fun new hairstyle for the brunette beauty.

Having fun and creating great hairstyles in the process is nothing new for the dynamic duo. Ken was quoted in the March 2008 issue as saying "Eva is the silliest person I know".

While coiffing her tresses for the InStyle cover Ken reported "she was dancing in between each take - during the shoot - and she kept messing up her hair while doing eighties music video moves".

With the collaboration of her favorite hairdresser and friend, Eva Longoria has embraced a gorgeous new hairstyle which is sexy, sassy and fabulous. Expect nothing but great new styles to evolve from her latest new short cut.

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