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Emmy Rossum Hair How To


Emmy Rossum

In the late Fall of 2009 (right before Thanksgiving) Emmy Rossum (September 12, 1986) was on The Bonnie Hunt Show to promote her latest film work on Dare.

The actress who's known for her beautiful operatic voice stopped by for a chat with Bonnie wearing a pink cheetah print flowing top and stylish black jeans.

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Her long chocolate brown hair was cascading down past her beautiful face into soft deconstructed waves. Hints of light and dark brunette hues were swirled through her tresses.

As always Emmy looked gorgeous and seemed so happy to be seeing Bonnie again.

Home For The Holidays

When asked for her Thanksgiving plans Emmy's face light up. She told Bonnie she was going home to New York for the Holidays. Expressing her love for her hometown Emmy said "yeah New York."

While she agreed that New York is breathtaking in November she admitted "it's freezing cold" and "carrying the turkey back from the grocery store is quite an adventure."

She also confided "my mom does the turkey" and "I do all the side dishes." Of course she has a favorite side dish she makes and it's "a cranberry chutney instead of a cranberry sauce" and she also does "sweet potato pie souffle baked in orange shells."

Emmy Rossum

Sound delicious. If Emmy gets tired of singing or acting she may have a new career ahead of her on the Food Network.

Even though her family "shares recipes" one year she tried to make a pumpkin pie and it turned out so well everyone asked for the recipe." She declined sharing and confessed to Bonnie the reason she wouldn't provide the pie recipe was because "it was actually Libbys in the can recipe."

Meeting Some Of Opera's Great Stars

Emmy explained she grew up in New York and sang from an early age (around age 6-7) with the Met's Children's Opera. More importantly she sang with Plácido Domingo and Luciana Pavorotti, to name a few.

She confirmed it was an "amazing experience and her first taste of being onstage and getting to share that live feeling with an audience. It was really incredible."

Not only did she get to perform with opera's great stars, she got to talk with them as well. She reported that Placido Domingo "was so kind and so cool" and she "still have a crush on him" with his gorgeous "silver hair, very handsome." Pacido used to "pinch her cheeks and say 'Emmy Bella'". She said Placido was "very sweet, very very sweet."


Her latest movie "was shot in Philly" and it's actually based on a short film made by these young guys from Columbia Film School and it's a love triangle with three high school seniors kinda trying to figure out who they are and who they're not and defining their sexuality."

High School On The Internet

Emmy told Bonnie Hunt "I didn't go to traditional high school, I went on the Internet, so making this movie was as close as I got."

She explained because "she was working all the time and making movies" she went to high school on the Web. The actress also didn't go to college and confided in Bonnie that sometimes she misses the chance to experience life in those type of educational environments.

Tweeting Is Her Life

Emmy Rossum

Emmy noted "I'm tweeting a lot" and confirmed "I'm tweeting off my blackberry all day long." She said she tweets if "I burp or order Chinese....anything." Emmy finds Twitter "incredible and a great way to keep everyone up to date on what you're doing."

She also admitted "all the time" she tweets about stuff she shouldn't have but the good thing about Twitter is that you "don't have to read someone's Twitter that's five pages long blog. It's what they're doing, what they want you to know in 140 characters."

She snapped her fingers and said "it's very New York, you've got to be quick about it" but she's "used to it" because that's who she is.

In Love With Acting And Music

Emmy told Bonnie Hunt "she loves what she does" with regards to acting. In fact, she still looks forward to the opportunities and "loves it (acting) more than anything else along with music."

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She loves the opportunity to "experience something emotionally that way. It's not like anything else.

Emmy's Hair Secrets:

From most angles Emmy appears to have face which is a combination of a square and heart shaped face. Emmy does have a strong jaw line and slightly rounded chin.

Emmy Rossum and Zach Gilford (Johnny Drake) in Dare

Some beauty and hair experts might classify Emmy as having a heart face shape, but a lot depends upon how she's wearing her hair.

Although she wore her hair much shorter during the earliest years of her career Emmy now wisely wears her tresses chin length or longer which softens her jaw line and square face shape.

The bubbly Emmy looks great with her sleek straight strands. She would also look gorgeous with barely-there waves.

The biggest secret to Emmy's well groomed silky blonde locks are regular deep conditioning treatments combined with regular trims to keep her ends in tip top shape.

It was also reported that for her hair on the set of Eclipse shine serum was used to give her hair a spectacular shimmer.

Although her natural hair color is blonde, as demonstrated in her earliest TV and film roles, she does have her tresses regularly highlighted which can cause strands to become dry when not properly moisturized.

Emmy sometimes utilizes hair accessories including headbands, hair clips and an array of plain and decorative bobby pins to pull the front of her hair up and off her face.

Hair How To - Quick Hairstyling Tips:

Emmy Rossum in Dare

Emmy's sleek and shiny straight hairstyle is ideal for anyone with shoulder length or longer tresses which are medium in thickness which are naturally straight or can be straightened.

Her hairstyle is best achieved on freshly cleansed hair properly prepped with styling products to give the hair appropriate workability.

Follow the styling tips below:

1. Cleanse hair with products designed specifically for your hair's type, texture, condition and/or special needs such as colored hair or to add volume. Add rinse-out conditioner and final cold water rinse.

2. Towel blot. Rake leave-in conditioning and appropriate styling cocktail through strands with wide tooth comb and/or fingers.

Work styling cocktail through strands starting at the hairline and working down through the ends. Apply volume enhancing spray to roots for lots of lift.

Note: If your hair is prone to frizzing apply a defrisant product or mix with your other styling products. Many celebrities are big fans of Phytodefrisant. If your hair is naturally wavy and/or curly you may need to add a straightening balm to your cocktail to help straighten strands.

Emmy Rossum (Alexa Walker) and Zach Gilford (Johnny Drake) and Ashley Springer (Ben Berger) in Dare

3. Dry with a large boar bristle round brush and blow dryer with concentrator attachment. If you prefer to create tousled separation rather than sleek volume and straight strands use a long finger diffuser instead to amp up waves along edges.

4. Add lots of volume by flipping head upside down while drying. Blow dry until tresses are dry throughout the base, but still damp on the ends.

Flip head back to finish ends. Use a 2-inch round boar bristle brush. Turn hair slightly under at the ends. Blow hair back at temples. Direct strands away from the face briefly to create additional lift and shape.

4. Once hair is 100% dry separate into 2" strands and use a flat iron to achieve straight sleekness.

Note: If you want more defined waves, separate your tresses into 2" sections and curl with large barrel curling iron. After curling each section, roll into large curl with your fingers and pin to the scalp to cool.

After entire head is blow dried and cooled, unpin all the curls and tousle lightly with your fingers.

5. Finish styling process with light holding spray.

6. Swipe with light shine serum to capture random fly-a-ways and add bouncy shimmer.

Emmy Rossum (Alexa Walker) and Zach Gilford (Johnny Drake) and Ashley Springer (Ben Berger) in Dare

The key to the sexy glamour of Dakota's hair is lush root volume, and straight shimmering shine. Avoid too much product or styling to keep hair soft.

To Add More Volume

To add more volume after hair is completely dry separate hair into 2-inch sections. Spray base of hair with volumizing and/or finishing spray.

Roll target sections towards back of head on large self adhesive rollers. Or roll entire head in 2-inch sections down the middle of the head all the way to the nape of the neck.

Allow rollers to set for a minimum of 30-45 minutes. Remove rollers. Use fingers to shake strands free. Avoid disturbing new texture with comb or brush.

Slightly back comb throughout crown and adjacent to hairline to add more volume. Finish with mist of light finishing spray.

To Add More Texture Around The Edges

You can easily achieve Emmy's classy sleek style which combines smoothly blown out hair with lush volume built throughout the top and crown.

Hot irons are utilized along the perimeter to give Emmy's ends wavy curves and bend.

Emmy Rossum (Alexa Walker)

For hair which is naturally bone straight, hot rollers or a wet set with adhesive rollers dried under a hood unit will create more defined texture along the edges.


What's next for the very talented Emmy? Of course she will continue to act, but she's looking forward to combining her acting with her music.

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