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Edgy Pony Prom Updo - How To


Balmain Paris Backstage at HRH Sirivannavari Nariratana Paris Fashion Week 2008

Prom hairstyles often begin life on the high fashion runways of the world. Once a sizzling new hairstyle catches fire on the catwalks they are often adopted by celebrity hairdressers looking for innovative new looks for their famous hair clients.

The Edgy Pony shown to the right was first showcased both backstage and on the runway by Balmain Paris at the HRH Sirivannavari Nariratana show in Paris in 2008.

Messy pony hairstyles along with pony updos have filtered down to such high profile female stars as Christian Serratos and Holly Montag (Heidi's big sis) on MTV's The Hills.

Other celeb adopting versions of the messy updo or pony bun include the girls on 90210 and Gossip Girls.

One thing is for sure, if you want to go with a totally edgy and latest pony updo style for your Prom, Holiday Party or other hair event, this hairstyle is going to stand out.

Listed below are the steps to re-create this hairstyle. Although this is a relatively easy hairdo to do, if you are concerned about copying it exactly you may want to print out this page to take to your hairdresser for a professional finish.

How To - Step By Step

Balmain Paris Backstage at HRH Sirivannavari Nariratana Paris Fashion Week 2008

This hairstyle is best created on either day old hair (aged approximately 24 hours after last shampoo) or hair which is newly washed but properly prepared with the appropriate styling products such as mousse, gel and/or hairspray.

1. Whether you make a ponytail on newly washed hair or not, strands must be 100% dry and completely detangled before putting into a ponytail to prevent breakage.

Note: Never make a ponytail from hair that is wet, tangled or full of knots.

2. Using a natural boar bristle brush or similar, brush hair from roots to ends until the hair is smooth and sleek.

Balmain Paris Backstage at HRH Sirivannavari Nariratana Paris Fashion Week 2008

3. Distribute a dime-size amount of styling cream, glaze or similar through out the hair to help hold strands in place.

Apply extra product to the top of the head and throughout the crown to guarantee a firm holding tail.

4. Use fingers and brush to direct hair from the front of the hairline and along the sides of the head up towards the top of the crown area. All of the hair should be merged together in a "tail" formation. Initially hold the new tail with your fingers and then use the brush to smooth the crown area of the head.

5. Carefully slide on a "hair-friendly" Blax or Bungee cord around the base of the ponytail.

A secret hairdresser's trick to creating a super tight pony without crown wrinkles or bulges is to strategically place bobby pins, the same color as the hair, right above the newly created pony base.

By carefully adding bobby pins above and below the pony elastic, all hair will be held securely in place.

Balmain Paris Backstage at HRH Sirivannavari Nariratana Paris Fashion Week 2008

6. Separate out a section of the newly created pony tail that is 1-2" wide. Wrap the section around the base of the pony several times to give it a thick base.

7. Use a brush and back comb the ponytail section until is it full and lush. Use fingers to lightly smooth the top.

8. After hair is teased pull the tail of the pony towards the front of the head. Create a smooth or twisted loop with the tail that is approximately centered between the back of the crown and the front of the head.

Pin the edge of the pony, on the underneath side, just 1/2 inch from the hairline.


9. Pull the tail over the front of the hairline and down in front of one eye. If you choose this option you will need to anchor the tail on the underneath side with bobby pins the same color as your hair to hold the tail firmly in place.

This edgy updo hairstyle can be finished in a variety of ways depending on whether you want a low, medium or high loop and whether you want to merge it with an existing fringe, drape it down over one eye or drape it to one side.

Balmain Paris Backstage at HRH Sirivannavari Nariratana

Paris Fashion Week 2008

10. To finish ponytail, spritz top of the head along the crown with a hairspray which is compatible with your hair type and texture. Use your own judgment whether to use a light, medium or strong hold formula.

Use a clean toothbrush to carefully smooth out any wrinkles that develop around the hairline or along the crown or along the top of the pony updo loop.

11. For extra pizazz attach a high fashion pony elastic encrusted with silk flowers, crystals, bows, satin or other appropriate adornments.

12. Add extra bobby pins along the sides if necessary to keep all tresses secure and tucked neatly into the ponytail.


The key to the creation of this edgy ponytail is inventiveness and the willingness to do some heavy tousling. Go into the creation of this funky fashion pony updo with an attitude of experimentation and fun.

Whether you wear this updo with a Prom Dress, a sizzling Party Dress, with couture fashion or dressed down fashions you can't get this ponytail updo wrong. It's a unique hairstyle and should be infused with your imagination and fabulousness.

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