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Easy Hair Stick Hair Style


Hairstyle by EP

This easy hair stick hair style allows you to have a fun, fabulous time with hair sticks sometimes referred to as hair sticks.

This hair accessory has been a popular hair accessory since the beginning of time when humans used tree branches and other sticks to hold their hair in place.

Hair sticks have been in use for thousands of years by a wide range of cultures from the Ancient Egyptians and Romans to the Greeks.

A hair stick is traditionally a straight, pointed device, usually averaging between five and nine inches in length, although they can be as small as two to three inches.

This hair accessory is used to hold a person's hair in place in a hair twist or similar although they can be used as mere decorations.

Hair sticks are also sometimes referred to as hair pins even though they are not like the modern hair pins we currently use which are typically U shaped and have two prongs.

Also, unlike most small and simple hair pins, hair sticks are often more elaborate. They feature jeweled or carved designs which make them stand out as pieces of luxury hair jewels.

Easy Hair Stick Hair Style

Although hair sticks are quite simply a straight pointed device which usually measures between five and nine inches in length, they may seem intimidating for some people who want to use them.

Hairstyle by EP

While they can be used to actually secure a bun, updo, chignon or hair twist in place against the head, they can also be used as pure decoration.

A easy hair stick hair style is included in this article for those who want a quick way to use that gorgeous hair stick you've been hoarding in your hair accessory drawer.

You can either use the hair stick as an actual tool to hold the hair or just use it to adorn the finished twist. It's totally up to you. The beauty of this easy hairstyle is that it literally takes just minutes to create.

Easy Hair Stick Hair Style Step By Step

Ideally to use a hair stick or sticks in your hair, whether for decoration or as an anchor, it's best if your strands are long enough to twist into a half or full twist of bun.

Hair sticks can actually be used in a half knot positioned as part of a half up or half down hairstyle. They can also be used in conjunction with braids if so desired. When it comes to hair sticks there is no right or wrong way to wear them as long as you enjoy the results.

To create this easy hair stick hairstyle follow the steps below:

1. Start with hair which has been newly washed and completely detangled with fingers or a wide tooth hair friendly wide tooth comb.

2. You have the option to create this style on 100% dry hair or hair which is still slightly damp.

Hairstyle by EP

Although it might be possible to create on wet hair, it might be more difficult since hair is more fragile when wet. If you wish start with damp hair to get the hang of it and if you wish to try wet hair later you always can experiment.

3. Direct and then smooth all hair to the top and edge of the hairline on one side. Select either side you wish. Capture all of the hair into a tight pony tail with the base positioned at the edge of the hairline as show above.

4. Use a hair friendly hair elastic such as a Bungee or Blax or similar so secure the pony. You may wish to use an elastic in the same color as your own hair. Smooth the newly created pony tail.

5. Lift the ends of the tail and start to loop the tail of the pony around the base. Create a flat or a cone shape depending on your own taste.

6. Once the entire tail has been completely wrapped around the base of the pony use your hair stick to weave in and out of the bun to secure the twist into place.

If you prefer you can use bobby pins to secure the bun but use a hair stick or hair sticks inserted into the twist for decoration.

Hairstyle by EP

7. Although my favorite hair sticks are the gorgeous Mei Fa sticks, you can use any type of sticks you wish in any color, length or style. You can mix and match from different hair stick designers or even create your own.

Note:'s Marketplace has one of the largest collections of Mei Fa hairstyx on the Web and have been carrying the line for close 10 years.

8. For extra shimmer you may wish to apply 1-2 drops of shine serum into the palms of your hands and massage them together. Swipe the top of your serum infused hands over the top of your twist being careful not to get your serum on your hair stick or sticks.


Hair sticks may at times look intimating but in reality they are quite easy to wear either as a hair accessory decoration or as an actual hair anchor.

This easy hairstyle can be dressed up or dressed down and can be worn for Prom or any other formal hair event. It's simple, easy, fun and just plain fabulous.

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