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Demi Lovato's Stick Straight Hair

Introduction - Demi Lovato's Stick Straight Hair

Demi Lovato's Stick Straight Strands Demi Lovato's Stick Straight Strands

Demi Lovato's stick straight hair is the envy of many.  The new X Factor judge's naturally jet black tresses have transitioned through just about every color of the rainbow over the past few years.

Regardless of the color or length of her strands, Demi Lovato's stick straight hair is considered to be the current gold standard in the celebrity hair world.

Many hair consumers lust after Demi Lovato's stick straight hair and want to copy the look.  Demi has been known to embellish her naturally lustrous strands with a variety of hair extensions from fusion to clip-ins.

Anyone with naturally long or extended strands can achieve Demi's stick straight hair with the right cleansing and styling products as well as  proper brushes, combs and hot tools.

Although Demi's stick straight hair is most easily created on naturally straight or slightly wavy textures, with some time and work even naturally curly or kinky strands can be styled straight.

Step By Step Styling - Demi Lovato's Stick Straight Hair

To achieve Demi Lovato's stick straight hair follow the steps below:

1. Lock in Moisture To Avoid Frizz And Create Sleek Strands - Start by cleansing completely detangled hair in lukewarm (never hot) water.  Utilize a moisture enhancing product designed for your hair type (straight, wavy, curly, coily), texture (fine/thin, medium, thick, very thick) and current condition (normal, oily, dry, very dry, damaged) and length.

Demi Lovato's Stick Straight Hair Demi Lovato's Stick Straight Hair

Depending on your current hair type, texture and condition  you may achieve better results with a modified cleansing system such as using Diluted Shampoo (DS), Low Poo formulas, Conditioner Only cleansing (CO), No Poo or Water Only (WO).

You may prefer a combination of cleansing options utilized with pre-cleansing conditioning treatments or post cleansing deep conditioning.  Be sure to supply the proper products and procedures to add and lock in moisture.

Note:  If your hair is naturally oily, thin or fine you may want to skip the intensely moisturizing options which may leave your strands limp and over conditioned.

2. Lock in Moisture To Avoid Frizz And Create Sleek Strands - Follow up your cleansing method by rinsing well and applying a rinse-out moisturizing conditioner.  Use fingers or hair-friendly wide tooth comb to detangle strands with the conditioner in your hair while still in the shower.  Rinse well and finish with a cool or cold final rinse which helps to seal in the newly added moisture.

3. Apply Styling Cocktails - Towel blot hair avoiding any rubbing which may cause friction and activate frizz.  Apply the appropriate leave-in styling cocktail for your hair type, texture, condition and length.  Your custom cocktail might include, but not be limited to, leave-in conditioner, defrisant cream, straightening balm or similar.

Demi Lovato's Stick Straight Hair Demi Lovato's Stick Straight Hair

Use fingers or a detangling wide tooth comb to distribute styling cocktail throughout hair evenly.  If your hair is damaged from ongoing heat styling or chemical treatments you may wish to add a top layer of heat protectant product as well.

A properly applied styling cocktail and/or heat protectant will minimize heat damage and create a smooth silky surface like Demi Lovato's stick straight hair.

4. Blow It Out Straight - To achieve Demi Lovato's stick straight hair separate tresses into 6-8 horizontal sections. Secure all sections not being worked on with non-creasing hair clips. Blow dry each section with a boar bristle paddle style brush.

If you prefer volume, lift or movement opt instead for a medium to large round brush.  Apply tension to the brush as you move it down the hair shaft.  Pull brush through the underside of your hair to expose the section directly to the heat of the dryer. Once the underside is mostly dry, switch to the top of the hair.

Note: Keep a spray bottle filled with lukewarm water handy to spritz any sections of the hair that air dry before you’ve had a chance to dry them.  This allows you to achieve consistent blow out results.

Keep the tension consistent to ensure uniformity in hair texture and over drying.  When working on the top of the hair remember to direct the air flow from the dryer down the shaft from the roots down to the ends. This creates a sleeker finish.

When possible use a cooler temperature setting to avoid frying or damaging hair.  Once each section is 100% dry move to the next section and repeat the process until all of sections of the hair have been dried.

Demi Lovato's Stick Straight Hair Demi Lovato's Stick Straight Hair

5.  Fine Tune With An Iron - If your hot dryer styling leaves your hair as straight as you desire, skip the hot ironing since this is where a lot of hair damage occurs.

If your tresses aren't as straight as Demi Lovato's stick straight hair, separate hair into 2″ sections and run through each section with a flat iron.  When  using a hot iron it’s always best to prep hair with a heat protection spray.

6.  Finish - Once hair is blow dried, optionally ironed and completely cool, you may wish to apply 1-2 drops of shine serum or shine spray to the palms of your hands and massage well.  Lightly brush down the length of your hair with your serum infused palms to lock in moisture and block frizz.


Follow all the steps above to copy Demi Lovato's Stick Straight Hair.  To extend the life of your stick straight straight hairstyle you may wish to sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase which will prevent creases and frizz from forming.

You may also benefit from regular touch-ups of frizz fighting sprays to your hair.  If roots start to get flat, oily or limp spritz with a dry shampoo or use a tiny bit of cornstarch.  Don't use baby powder unless unless it has a cornstarch base.

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