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Demi Lovato Checks Into Seattle's Famous Hospital Will She Check Out?

Brunette beauty Demi Lovato is on a roll.  She showed off her hottie boyfriend, Joe Jonas, as the weekend's Kids Choice Awards.  Yes, they are officially official and even held hands.  Awwww.

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Demi's sizzling hot singing and acting career just boiled over with the announcement she will be guest starring on ABC's Grey's Anatomy.  I don't know who benefits most from the move, Demi or ABC.  Afterall, ABC has been taking a beating about the departure of Katherine Heigl and with the guest starring role of Demi they will be attracting a whole new younger demographic.

Actually it would be very wise for ABC to add Demi or someone in her age bracket to the cast full time to really amp up the ratings.  Grey's Anatomy played with the concept by temporarily adding a plot line about the long lost daughter of Dr. McSteamy who just happened to be pregnant with McSteamy's grandchild.

Demi confirmed she would guest star on Grey's Anatomy via Twitter on Monday.  Of course she would choose Twitter.  It's the place to announce all kinds of juicy news these days.

The Disney star will play a schizophrenia patient who gets treated by Karev (Justin Chambers) and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw). Her episode airs in May.

"Demi Lovato's on the Grey's set filming her guest spot. Everyone's super excited around here," Twittered series creator Shonda Rimes.  Added Lovato, "Mr. Patrick Dempsey himself wants me to give a shout out to you guys! hahahaha so awesome."

Earlier Monday, she wrote, "I'm so thrilled to announce that this week I'm shooting Grey's Anatomy!!!!!!!! :D AHHH!!!!"  She Twittered Sunday night that taping the guest spot was "fulfilling one of my biggest dreams."

So Shonda, why not include Demi as a permanent guest in Shondaland?  It would send your ratings through the roof.  Of course there are all the possibilities of Demi's friends visiting with a range of illness.  Even BF Joe might pop in. Maybe keeping Demi in the hospital indefinitely could be a boost Grey's could use to revitalize the series?

Of course what do I know?  I just have been watching Grey's since the beginning and hope it continues to survive indefinitely as a series.

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