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Demi Moore Loves Her Long Hair!

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Demi Moore has pumped up the media machine in the past over her hairstyles. Who could ever forget that the famous Scorpion actress actually shaved her head for G.I. Jane? Even the skeptics became true believers of her sacrifice for her craft when she wandered around in full view of the papparrizi for months (Fall of 1996) while her shorn locks eventually grew out.  (Image of Demi Moore - 06-19-07 - Laura Day Celebration - - All rights reserved)

The media buzz generated by her shaved head came after her amazing nude Vanity Fair cover when she posed pregnant, with short hair, and shocked the world.

When looking through my hair history files I found a short period in 1992-1994 when Demi wore her tresses very short. Other than for her brief shaved head look in 1996, the Charlie's Angel star has worn her lush dark chocolate tresses shoulder length or longer since she grew out her GI Jane hairstyle.


In the current March 3 issue of OK Magazine it is reported that "a friend" of Demi's reported she loves her long hair. As reported by OK Magazine Demi is "not willing to do something crazy with her look" and has declared her "days of being a hair chameleon are over".

I for one agree. Of course I am always curious when a "friend" is quoted. What does this really mean? Since OK is asking who Demi's hairdresser is....the friend can't be her hairdresser. (Image of Demi Moore - 5-22-07 - Premiere of Mr. Brooks - - all rights reserved).

One fact to consider about Demi is that many women (and men) with super long locks (I am one of those long haired ladies) often limit their visits to the hairdresser and do their hair themselves. Or they may only visit a colorist who doesn't cut or trim their strands.

Even though Demi is 45 years old, the old days of hairdressers declaring long hair over 40 as inappropriate are long over. Thank goodness for that.

Kudos to Demi for enjoying her long tresses and recognizing that if it works......don't break it.

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