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Demi Moore: Hair To There & Back


Beauty, brains and brilliantly shiny, lush tresses are just some of the many things that Demi Moore's (born Demetria Guynes) fans admire about the celebrated superstar.

(Image of Demi Moore at the 2004 NBA All-Star Celebrity Basketball Game - David Edwards - - all rights reserved)

Whether the sultry, seductive Scorpion actress (born November 11, 1962 in New Mexico) is causing major controversy by shaving her head nearly bald for GI Jane or kicking some serious Charlie Angel's butt with shimmery coal black strands cascading down towards her waist, the actress is almost as famous for her tresses as she is for her men.

Demi's tresses were widely copied when she appeared with a very short crop in the popular Ghost film in 1990. She morphed through a series of radically different hairstyles for many of her following movies and then completely stunned fans when she actually shaved her head during a visually shocking scene in G.I. Jane in 1997.

(Image of L-R: Bruce Willis, Ashton Kutcher, Tullulah Willis and Demi Moore at the Charlies' Angels: Full Throttle Premiere - 2003 - David Edwards - - all rights reserved)

Demi disappeared to her ranch in Idaho after mixed Jane reviews to be soccer mom to her three daughters.

Although she acted in the 2000 Passion of the Mind movie, she didn't seek the bright lights of Hollywood until she returned for the Angel's sequel in 2002-2003, appearing in yet another spectacular hairstyle. The long absent Demi reappeared with waist-length, super healthy and shiny strands that turned fan's heads.

It's just like Demi to retreat to Idaho with minimal hair and return some years later with the type of gorgeous strands you would expect from someone who was living a healthy life in the wilds of Idaho somewhere.

Demi's Strand Secrets

Currently hanging with sexy Punk'd prankster Ashton Kutcher of Fox's That 70s Show, Demi was formerly married to shiny domed sex symbol Bruce Willis until 2000 after a first marriage at an early age.

(Image of L-R: Ashton Kutcher, Tullulah Willis and Demi Moore - David Edwards - - all rights reserved)

The Willis-Moore marriage produced three gorgeous girls (Rumer, Scout & Tallulah) and lots of controversy, including the famous image of a tastefully nude Demi, heavily pregnant on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine.

Demi has lived a tumultuous life since she was born and doesn't appear to be afraid of any type of controversy. Although Demi shared the Charlie's Angels flick with three other sizzling hot actresses, she walked away with the bulk of media coverage by picking the premiere of the movie to introduce her fans and the press to Kutcher, her latest love interest.

The sexy mop topped actor, known for his own great hair days, met the luscious Demi while he was in a much publicized romance with actress Brittany Murphy. Adding even more shock value was the fact that Demi was 40 and Ashton was 25. Enjoying all the frenzied attention, Demi added fuel to the flames by bringing ex-Bruce Willis along on several family dates the also included Kutcher.

Steal Demi's Lush Look

Demi is the talk of Hollywood for her beautiful long tresses.

When Demi's long, straight strands were replaced by more curls and waves, Demi, who easily shifts from dramatic and eye popping to laid back, casual and oh-so-modern, adopted an entirely new style with a much shorter look that was cut and styled to show off lots of body, movement and texture.

(Image of Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore - The World Premiere of "Guess Who" - March 13, 2005 - David Edwards - - all rights reserved)

Demi also recently finished shooting the thriller "Half Light" which may have also had some influence her shorter new look. Appearing at the World Premiere of "Guess Who" on March 13, 2005, Demi had her jet black hair soft coiffed into barely-there waves that nestled seductively a few inches below her shoulders.

Start With Straight & Move Towards Wavy

Whether you want to morph into a Demi style that is long and straight or you want to go with a shoulder length waved coif, the key is to start by washing and then blow drying strands. If you wish to add curls, waves and/or fullness follow the second set of instructions.

(Image of Lucy Liu & Demi Moore - - all rights reserved)

Keep in mind that Demi has medium textured tresses that appear to be mostly straight with a little bend. Adjust the style to fit your own face shape by adding appropriate parts or fringes.

Step 1: Start before you step into the shower. Detangle hair carefully starting at the ends and working up towards the roots. Use a 100% boar's head brush like a Mason Pearson or similar, to smooth strands completely.

Step 2: Prepare a shampoo mix that will work for your hair type, texture and length maximizing the potential to get super straight strands. Consider using a moisturizing shampoo like Phytojoba is straights are chemically treated or naturally dry. Phytocitrus shampoo works well on hair that is colored.

Mix your normal shampoo with luke warm water in a clean plastic bottle. Shake to mix well. Note: An example of a good shampoo mix proportion, depending on length and type of hair, might be 1 - 2 teaspoons of shampoo to 1 quart of warm water.

Step 3: Step into a shower with luke-warm, not hot water and get hair soaking wet. Drizzle shampoo formula over the top of your head letting the suds gently cascade down the length of your strands. Use fingers to pat shampoo mixture into strands. Avoid rubbing wet strands. Not only will this prevent breakage, it will help keep strands as straight as possible.

Step 4: Rinse well until hair is completely clear of suds.

Step 5: Apply favorite rinse-out conditioner for type, length and condition of hair, if one is normally used. Phytosesame is excellent for providing moisture.

Phytocitrus Conditioner will help to soften and condition dry or chemically treated strands. Use fingers or a wide tooth pick to distribute onto strands from the top of the ears down to the ends. Allow to remain on strands for up to 10 minutes.

(Image of Demi Moore - - all rights reserved)

Step 6: When possible finish with a cool/cold rinse which closes the cuticle and add shine.

Step 7: Towel blot to remove excess moisture. Do not rub or ruffle delicate hair which is more prone to breakage when wet.

Step 8: Starting at the ends, use a smooth high quality comb like a Kent or a wide pick. Apply desired rinse-out conditioner like Phyto 7, Phyto 9 or similar to help keep strands soft and detangled. Add a heat protectant spray on top of the detangling/leave in product.

Mason Pearson - Handy Bristle Brush - Pure Boars BristleStep 9: Working in a circular pattern, separate hair into 6-8 equally sized sections and clip in place. Using a flat, boar bristle brush like the Mason Pearson (favorite of many of the celebrity hairdressers), unclip the first section of hair and using the brush to anchor and smooth, direct the air flow from a blow dryer from the roots down towards the ends of the strand. This will help to keep the cuticle smooth and help to add natural shine.

Note: The Mason Pearson Handy boar's head brush (available at is a favorite of hairdressers and beauty editors alike because of his superb quality and ability to create fabulous styles.

Step 10: After all of the sections have been carefully dried and more straightness is desired, apply a very light amount of anti-frizz product to the middle to the bottom ends of the strands. Avoid getting any frizz product near the scalp or root area which can cause oiliness. Use a flat iron to remove any kinks and add a stick straight finish.

Start With Straight & Move Towards Wavy

To add a fullness, movement and wave, substitute a round brush for the flat Mason Pearson. Also, ditch the hot straightening tool for either hot rollers or a medium barrel curling iron.

Step 1: Follow all of the steps listed above until Step 9.

Working in a circular pattern, separate hair into 6-8 equally sized sections and clip in place.

Conair - Performers - 100% Boars Bristle Full Round Brush - 2 1/2"Step 2: Blow dry individual strands, unclipping them, one at a time, using a medium sized round boar bristle brush like the Conair (shown to the side) or the Rene Furterer Large Round Brush. Utilize the brush to help build in instant volume.

Step 3: Direct the air flow from your blow dryer towards the hair wrapped under and over the brush and up towards the roots to gently build in volume, movement and body. Use a medium heat setting, if possible.

Step 4: Right before you are finished drying the individual sections, switch to a cool setting or hit the cold shot button to help cool down the newly formed curl.

Step 5: Keep newly dried hair wrapped around the round brush until it cools down for approximately 2-3 minutes.

Step 6: Gently unroll the cooled hair from the round brush and carefully clip the newly formed curl to your scalp. For a tighter curl or one that will hold longer, transfer the new curl to a similarly sized Velcro or soft roller. Whether you use your fingers or a curler, spritz once with a medium to firm hold hairspray. (Ones to try Rene Furterer Instant Hairspray).

Step 7: Continue to dry all of the individual sections until the hair is completely dry and the new curls have all been either clipped to the scalp or transferred to Velcro or soft rollers. Experiment with rolling all the curls frontwards, backwards or in alternating patterns.

Step 8: Allow the curls to remain completely clipped in place or wrapped around the curlers until right before you leave the house.

Carefully unclip or unroll each section and use your fingers to gently arrange the curls into place.

Rene Furterer - Spray Gloss - 3.38 fl oz (100ml)For a sleeker look, use a brush to gently break up the curl pattern and arrange the curls into a sleek curtain of waves.

For extra special shimmer, apply a tiny bit of shine serum or gloss (Rene Furterer Gloss Spray) to the palms of your hands and lightly rub over the top of your beautiful style. Viola!


What's Demi's secret to Demi's glossy, healthy-looking hair that you might want to reach out and touch? Great genes, fabulous celebrity hairdressers and a hot young guy to keep her looking her very best.

Angels director McG put it so well when he said, about Moore "she look likes a teenager. Good for her". Steal Demi's hairstyle and you can look great too.

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