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Dakota Fanning's Hair In Push - How To Copy


Dakota Fanning in Push

Hanna Dakota Fanning was born February 23, 1994 in Conyers, Georgia.

The precocious blonde has grown up right in front of the eyes of her adoring fans as a result of her many film roles starting at age five when she first burst onto the small screen in a Tide commercial.

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Attempting to transition from her roles where she played little girls, Dakota decided to take on a dramatic role as Cassie Holmes in the action/thriller film Push.

In the film Dakota plays a teen-aged clairvoyant with very special powers. She's also known as a watcher.

As a result of her powers she's on the run from a secret organization which is trying to control the world by using people who have special powers.

Her first significant acting job was a guest-starring role in the NBC prime-time drama ER, which remains one of her favorite roles. She told the media "I played a car accident victim who has leukemia. I got to wear a neck brace and nose tubes for the two days I worked."

Dakota's Hair History

Dakota Fanning in Push

Although Dakota was born with naturally light flaxen hair, as the years have flown by, like many natural blondes, her hair has darkened to a deep golden hue.

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For her role in Push, Dakota's dark blonde strands were taken to a dark latte base punctuated with shades of dark, medium and lighter golden highlights intermingled with strips of add-on vibrant pink hair.

The pink tresses appear to be either clip-in or fusion hair extensions.

Dakota's highlights, lowlights and random pinks were precision woven though Dakota's hair which was styled with tons of volumes and lush deconstructed S shaped waves.

Her lush below the shoulder waves cascaded from an off-center part which added a definite tousled and unfinished look to her hairstyle.

The manner in which the waves were created gave Dakota's hair a very rough finish which would be appropriate to her character's personality and psychic abilities.

Dakota Fanning in Push

Unlike her off-screen hairstyles which are marked by shiny shimmering strands, for Push her hair was coarse, rough and void of obvious shine.

On a recent appearance on Oprah as well as on Jimmy Kimmel, the wise beyond her years actress, looked stunning with her lush straight stands.

Dakota's Hair History

Dakota's lush waves in Push raises the question about how much of Dakota's natural hair is wavy and how much of the texture she showcased in the film is the result of styling products and wave creation tools.

The Push film was shot on location in Hong Kong and Dakota liked the opportunity to be there rather then "cooped up in a studio" which is how she often makes films.

She also felt that the film was very authentic since the set incorporated the colors of the people and buildings. In a way Dakota felt that the city of Hong Kong was just like another character in the film.

Dakota's Hair At Push Premiere

Dakota Fanning in Push

When Dakota appeared on the red carpet for the premiere of Push her hair was still golden, but lighter than when she appeared in the film.

Her hair was long, below-the-shoulder, and worn sleek and straight with lots of volume, movement and her trademark shine.

She wore her hair slightly off-center with a short part directly off the hairline.

Hair Secrets:

From most angles Dakota appears to have a classically square face with a strong jaw line and slightly rounded chin. Some beauty and hair experts might classify Dakota as having a heart face shape, but as she ages it definitely appears to be square.

Although she wore her hair much shorter during the earliest years of her career Dakota now wisely wears her tresses chin length or longer which softens her jaw line and square face shape.

The biggest secret to Dakota's well groomed silky blonde locks are regular deep conditioning treatments combined with regular trims to keep her ends in tip top shape.

Chris Evans Dakota Fanning in Push

Deep condition your hair. Coloring products will zap out the moisture and damage your hair. To protect your hair, leave deep conditioner in for five minutes before rinsing it out.

Dakota's wave infused hairstyle is ideal for anyone with shoulder length or longer tresses which are medium in thickness which are naturally wavy or lightly curly which can be easily texturized.

Steal Dakota Fanning's Push Hairstyle:

To re-create Dakota's wavy care-free hairstyle from Push follow the steps below:

Her hairstyle is best achieved on freshly cleansed hair properly prepped with styling products to give the hair appropriate workability.

Follow the styling tips below:

1. Cleanse hair with products designed specifically for your hair's type, texture, condition and/or special needs such as colored hair or to add volume. Add rinse-out conditioner and final cold water rinse.

2. Towel blot. Rake leave-in conditioning and appropriate styling cocktail through strands with wide tooth comb and/or fingers.

Work styling cocktail through strands starting at the hairline and working down through the ends. Apply volume enhancing spray to roots for lots of lift.

Note: If your hair is prone to frizzing apply a defrisant product or mix with your other styling products. Many celebrities are big fans of Phytodefrisant.

Dakota Fanning at Premiere of Push

3. Allow your hair to initially air dry. Run your fingers through your hair to make sure the roots are dry. Once the roots are dry, finish drying the rest of the hair with a long finger diffuser to amp up waves.

If you prefer barely-there waves with tousled texture separate strands into 2" strands and use a large boar bristle round brush and blow dryer with concentrator attachment.

4. Add lots of volume by flipping head upside down while drying with the finger diffuser. Blow dry until tresses are dry throughout the base, but still slightly damp on the ends.

Flip head back to finish ends. Use a 2-inch round boar bristle brush. Turn hair slightly under at the ends. Blow hair back at temples. Direct strands away from the face briefly to create additional lift and shape.

4. Once hair is completely dry, separate into 1-inch sections of hair and twist each section clockwise around a curling iron. Twist the neighboring section counterclockwise. After each section is twisted and hot ironed reroll with fingers and pin to the scalp to cool

Continue this pattern until your entire head is covered in waves.

Note: If you want more defined waves, separate your tresses into 2" sections and curl with large barrel curling iron. After curling each section, roll into large curl with your fingers and pin to the scalp to cool.

After entire head is blow dried and cooled, unpin all the curls and tousle lightly with your fingers.

Dakota Fanning at Premiere of Push

5. Apply a dime-sized amount of sculpting wax or styling cream to your hair. Unpin each twisted section and shape with the wax or cream.

6. To achieve wild disheveled waves use a paddle style boar bristle's brush to tease the sides and top back to add lush root volume and loosen the waves.

Place the brush on a section of hair at the root and lift it off in an upward motion. Repeat all the way to the ends of your hair. Tease entire head of hair to create a wild disheveled look. Use fingers to lightly smooth down.

7. Pin or attached desired pink highlight strands throughout the hair.

8. Finish styling process with light holding spray.

9. Swipe with light shine serum to capture random fly-a-ways and add bouncy shine and shimmer.

To Add More Volume

To add more volume after hair is completely dry separate hair into 2-inch sections. Spray base of hair with volumizing and/or finishing spray.

Dakota Fanning and Tom Cruise in Knight and Day

Roll target sections towards back of head on large self adhesive rollers. Or roll entire head in 2-inch sections down the middle of the head all the way to the nape of the neck.

Allow rollers to set for a minimum of 30-45 minutes. Remove rollers. Use fingers to shake strands free. Avoid disturbing new texture with comb or brush.

Slightly back comb throughout crown and adjacent to hairline to add more volume. Finish with mist of light finishing spray.

To Add More Texture Around The Edges

You can easily achieve Dakota's classy sleek style which combines smoothly blown out hair with lush volume built throughout the top and crown.

Hot irons are utilized along the perimeter to give Dakota's ends wavy curves and bend.

For hair which is naturally bone straight, hot rollers or a wet set with adhesive rollers dried under a hood unit will create more defined texture along the edges.

Dakota sometimes utilizes hair accessories including headbands, hair clips and an array of plain and decorative bobby pins to pull the front of her hair up and off her face.

Dakota Fanning


What's next for the very talented Dakota? Of course she will continue to act, but she's looking forward to college when she finished high school.

Although the bubbly blonde beauty has picked out a school she's interested in, the doesn't want to mention which one. Smart thinking.

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