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Create Hair Waves While You Sleep

When I first met Hollywood Mane Man Ken Paves many years ago I begged him to spill the beans on his longtme hair client, Jennifer Lopez. He told me the gorgeous star loved the highest quality products from lines such as Phyto, Rene Furterer and Leonor Greyl.

Thus it was no surprise when I picked up the November 2009 issue of Elle magazine and saw an interview with celebrity hair maestro Juan Carlos Maciques who also works with Ms. Lopez when she's in New York. Juan holds court in celebrity haircolorist Rita Hazan's eponymous salon. Rita has been the hair color genius behind Jennifer for many years.

Juan dished that "before blowouts" on Jennifer's locks he applies Phyto 9. He explained "not only does it add shine" it also "enhances texture" for a natural finish. Having using many a tube of Phyto 9 on my own hair over the years I can concur with Juan's notes.

Although Phyto 9, and it's lighter companion, Phyto 7, are not the least expensive leave-in conditioning creams on the hair care market, they are worth their weight in gold and will last and last. That's the key many hair consumers may be missing while trying to balance the budget. While other leave-in creams may be less expensive, they aren't as high quality and don't last anywhere near as long.

What else does Juan use on the lovely Jennifer to give her hair that amazing shimmer? He uses another one of my favs, Leonor Greyl's Mousse au Lotus Volumatrice. Although less well-known that the Phyto line, Leonor Greyl is considered one of the very top hair care lines along with Rene Furterer and JF Lazartique.

Juan explains Leonor Greyl "ensures that styles survive the after-party." He noted the product "gives hair amazing body that lasts."

Another secret about Leonor Greyl is that it's the official hair care line of No Doubt. Which in itself speaks volumes.

In summarizing his relationship with Jennifer Lopez the popular Juan told Elle Magazine "she is not just a client but also a muse. She loves to change and play dress-up. She is very willing to experiment and is glamorous."


Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker (SJP) has naturally curly hair. Not only has she fessed up to having natural ringlets, any of her Sex And The City (SATC) fans will probably list the seasons where she let her curls flow free.

Over the years Sarah Jessica has tamed her curls and often wears her hair long and full of waves.

The great thing about SJP's natural curls is that they are ideal for morphing into waves while she sleeps.

Some naturally curly girls might not want to risk the danger of disrupting their curl patterns with the following wave creation strategy.

However, if your hair is naturally curly, with a loose curl pattern or you have naturally waves or bend, the instructions below will create loose random curls like SJP's image to the side.

No Muss, No Fuss Waves Step By Step Instructions

If you want to create no muss, no fuss waves while you sleep, consider completing the following steps listed below:

1. Cleanse hair as you normally would with your regular products. You may wish to consider a Conditioning Only (CO), Diluted Shampoo (DS) or Water Only (WO) wash. 2. Apply a rinse out conditioner. 3. Finish with a cool/cold water rinse. 4. Towel blot. 5. Apply leave-in conditioner. 6. Detangle hair gently from the ends up to the roots. 7. Create desired part and/or fringe sections and arrange hair the way you normally wear it. Note: If your hair doesn't dry quickly or you prefer not to sleep with a wet head, use a hair dryer to remove excess moisture and water before completing the remaining steps.

Sarah Jessica Parker

8. Allowing for where you wish to create waves, separate strands into individual 2" sections. 9. Gently twist hair into a clockwise direction until the hair is completely twisted. Keep in mind the tighter you twist, the tighter the resulting waves. 10. Tuck the end of the twisted strand under at the base of the twist. 11. Secure the end of each twisted section by tying a knot made of rag strips or secure with hair friendly elastics. 12. Go to bed and allow hair to set into waves. 13. The next morning carefully untie the strips or remove the elastics. 14. Use fingers to pick out waves and arrange as desired.

Hairspray or shine spray is optional. You can experiment with this process by braiding your hair into loose three strand braids for different wave patterns.

It is also possible to create SJP's random wavy hair pattern by utilizing the following options if you want to remove the no muss, no fuss description of this style.

Alternative hairstyling options include:

1. Wet set with rollers under a hood or similar hair dryers. 2. Hot rollers on pre-washed and 100% dry hair. 3. Curling iron 100% dry hair. 4. Drying naturally wavy or curly damp hair with a long finger diffuser.


Sarah Jessica Parker

This random wave creation method can also be created on dry hair which has been pre-moistened with water.

Apply desired styling cream and/or mousse to the middle and ends to help hold the new textured pattern.

Keep in mind waves will hold better when created on damp versus dry tresses.

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