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Clip In Bangs: Celebrity Bang Hairstyles


Katy Perry At Premiere of 'This Is It' Los Angeles 10-27-09 All Rights Reserved.

Bangs, also known as fringes in Europe, come and go into hair fashion with predictable regularity along with the regular cycles of long, short, straight and curly tresses.

While bangs and fringes can be glorious when they are first created, once they grow to a certain point past the eyebrows, there is a do or die situation.

Do you trim the bangs and continue to rock them or are you tired of them and want them to die off as they continue to grow down towards the bottom of your nose?

Even worse, if you decide to let your bangs die a graceful death, there is no such thing as instant fringe grow out. It is usually a long and annoying process.

Yes there are many ways to grow out a fringe without losing your mind but an even better plan is to not cut them in the first place.

What to do when you crave bangs? Reach for the latest in clip-in hair technologies, clip on bangs.

A few years ago only celebrities with a highly skilled hairdresser on their speed dial could instantly add or erase bangs through fusion or custom created clip-in fringe style extensions.

52nd Annual Grammy Awards Arrivals Katy Perry 01-31-10 All Rights Reserved.

Celebrity hairdressers have been minimizing the pain for their celeb clients by instantly adding and subtracting bangs.

Clip-in hair technologies have advanced so rapidly over the last few years that clip-in bangs are impossible to detect, can be gently heat styled in many cases (depending on the type of human hair hair utilized) and can offer a quick bang trial run.

If you don't like yourself in clip-in bangs, you probably won't like fusion bang extensions either. Plus fusion bang extensions can be more challenging to apply by yourself.

The beauty of clip-in fringes is that many hair consumers can pop them in all by themselves for an instant no-muss, no-fuss fringe.

Since they can be styled you can play with a Katy Perry blunt fringe or a Lady Gaga style side-swept bang.

Although several hair companies now make clip-in bang systems ranging from human hair to synthetic.

Lady Gaga All Rights Reserved.

Consider some of the following bang growing tricks:

1. If you have bangs shorter in the center than at the sides, wait until you can pull the center strands below your eyelashes.  Then get a teeny tiny trim (1/16th of an inch) to even out all of the fringe hair to the same approximate length.

Keep in mind that bangs which are all one length will be easier to manage as they grow out.

2. Use hair accessories to help you manage your unruly fringe pieces. Adjustable elastic headbands or ones with teeth which allow you to place the band at various positions adjacent to your hairline.   You can position headbands from right at the hairline to midway back, which allows you to control renegade strands.

Experiment with matching baby barrettes which will clip rebellious strands up and off your forehead.

3. Play with hair paste, gel, molding mud or wax to smooth fringe hair out of your eyes.  Use styling products to direct hair to one side or back from the forehead towards the crown area.

Start with a small amount of styling product and experiment. Add more if appropriate.

Lady Gaga All Rights Reserved.

4. Separate the bang hair into individual one inch sections. Twist each section clockwise and then click back off the forehead with a small claw clip, bobby pin or tiny alligator clip. Create an evenly spaced row along the front of your hairline for an edgy look. No one will even know you're growing out your bangs.

5. Experiment with different parts to control the bang hair as it grows. Start with a middle part and clip the hair back on either side. Or play with side parts that allow you to sweep the hair and clip it to the side.

6. Braid the bang area when it is damp. Create a side part and then tightly French braid across the hairline near the forehead. Mix in longer strands from the sides to control the braid. Tie off the end of the braid with a lovely ponytail elastic, clip or barrette.

7. Use a clip on braid worn right at the headline to hold bangs straight back.

8. Backcomb bangs into a mini-quiff. Use a good setting or volumizing spray and a rat tail comb. Tease or back comb the bangs to get lift. Direct the quiff up and off your face. Use a great hairspray for great hold.

9. Wear creative headgear. Throw on a baseball cap worn backwards as a statement. Try on a cool beret, cowboy hat or newsboy to hide your straggly fringe.

10. Use bobby pins to secure your bangs up and off your forehead. Add one of the silk ribbon headbands worn right at the hairline and over the pinned strands. You will be at the height of hair accessory fashion and will have a beautiful fringe, all in one simple action.

Gradual Bang Recovery

Los Angeles Premiere of 'This Is It'  Katy Perry 10-27-09 All Rights Reserved.

One trick that many hairstylists use with their bang challenged clients is to help them grow their bangs out in stages rather than going cold turkey.

Instead of having their hair clients grow the entire bang area out at once, hair stylists will separate the fringe hair into two different horizontal sections.  The top section is allowed to grow out with the use of hair clips and other accessories.

Meanwhile, the bottom section of the bangs are trimmed so it stays static just above the eyes.

When the top section is completely merged into the rest of the hair, the bottom section of the bangs are grown out in a similar fashion as the top section.

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