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Katy Perry And Justin Bieber Fringe How To Hairstyles

Katy Perry And Justin Bieber Fringe How To Hairstyles

At the 2010 Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards Katy Perry and Justin Bieber made fringe hairstyle history when they posed face to face, fringe to fringe or bang to bang, for the cameras.

Ironically since that famous fringe enhanced kiss the two superstars have completely changed their hairstyles, their fringes and even their hair colors.  Thanks to the photos Katy and Justin's bangs will live on forever.

More Info: For more information refer to Hair Bangs - Types & Face Shapes

Katy And Justin's Contrasting Fringe

While Katy rocked short blunt bangs precisely cut straight across her forehead and styled to slightly curve under, Justin went with a longer fringe.  Justin's fringe was cut in an asymmetrical style.

Justin's fringe has widely varied lengths with the center of the bangs being shorter than the two sides.  When Katy leaned in to kiss Justin their two unique fringe styles were a great contrast.  While Justin has sleek shiny chestnut brown tresses, Katy has raven black strands.  It was an instant study in different types of fringes.

Posing Without Slime

Luckily for Justin, Katy posed with the superstar before getting famously slimed with green goo.  Katy was slimed so intensely that it almost knocked her over at the ceremony in Los Angeles.

The I Kissed A Girl singer went up to the podium with actor Jonah Hill to present the award for Favourite Movie Actress. As the raven haired 25 year old beauty walked over to a stand to open the box to announce Miley Cyrus as the winner, it exploded in her face, covering her from head to toe in network's signature bright green gunge.

Description Of Hair Fringes

What is a fringe?  A fringe is also known as hair bangs or simply bangs.  Bangs made of hair were first recorded in 1878 and were linked to horses  who had bang-tails. In the United States hair worn to cover the forehead are known as bangs in the UK they are known as hair fringes or simply fringes.

Bangs like those worn by Katy and Justin Bieber at the 2010 Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards is created by cutting the front part of the hair so that it is combed forward to hand over the forehead.  Bangs can be worn straight or with waves or curls.

A classic fringe is cut fairly straight at or above the eyebrows.  There if no right or wrong type of fringe or bang.  They can be any length from very short hanging right below the hairline to very long where the hair hangs into the eyes.

A fringe can also be cut with lots of layers or all one length.  Bangs can be styled straight, ruffled, spiked or swept to one side.  They can extend off a center or side part.  Fringes are very versatile and can instantly alter a hairstyle to look completely different.

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