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Christina Applegate - Stellar Cosmo Hair


Christina Applegate 2002 Thanksgiving Episode Friends

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Yes, I loved Christina Applegate in the blonde bimbette role of Kelly Bundy in Fox's Married... With Children. I was also a huge fan of NBC's Jesse. I adored her in Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead Sue Ellen Crandell( and The Sweetest Thing which made me laugh so hard that I was crying at one point.

I also enjoyed Christina's appearance on the 2002 Thanksgiving episode of NBC's Friends.

Yes I am a huge fan of the gorgeous Ms. Applegate. You won't get any denial from me on that front. So imagine my excitement when I was recently chatting with my favorite celebrity hairstylist, Ken Paves, and he just happened to mention that he was booked on a Cosmopolitan cover shoot with Christina. I immediately did a conversation switcheroo on the topic at hand, which was Nancy O'Dell's new Ken Paves cut.

Instead I immediately pressed Ken for every tidbit of Applegate hair info he could cough up.

Christina Applegate Jesse ABC Family 1998 - 1999

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Ken laughed at my instant Applegate mania and told me he "had been working with Christina so long and had done so many, many different hair things with her, that he can't quite remember how he met her".

Christina Applegate Jesse ABC Family 1998 - 1999

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However, he did say that he "remembers being completely and totally impressed with Christina's incredible sweetness and genuine spirit".

I asked Ken if he had done her hair for The Sweetest Thing film. He reminded me that "he doesn't do movies and only made one exception for JLo on The Wedding Planner."

I told Ken how funny I thought that Christina was on Sweetest Thing and he said "oh no, Christina is so much deeper and so much more genuine in reality".

Ken pointed out that she's "a very special person compared to the character she played in the film". She is a vegetarian, has a great love for animals and enjoys reading spiritual works.

Ken did agree with my general assessment that "she is very funny". He said that she is not only funny and extremely clever but an absolute joy to work with". Besides being her hairdresser Ken is a true fan.

Although Ken hasn't done Christina's hair for TV or film appearances, he was "incredibly honored that Christina had thought enough of him to ask him to do her hair for her wedding, which was an incredibly touching experience."

Jennifer Aniston & Christina Applegate 2002 Thanksgiving Episode Friends 2002

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He has coiffed her tresses for "several magazine covers and media events" with Christina including a recent cover "for Marie Claire" and "an absolutely amazing Rolling Stone cover" as well as the upcoming scheduled Cosmo shoot.

I asked Ken if the Cosmo shoot was designed to promote some special Applegate happening? Ken agreed that "when celebrities and stars appear on the various magazine covers it is usually timed to promote a new movie or event".

Such is the case with Christina who appeared on the cover of the December 2003 issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine to promote her new movie with Ben Affleck entitled "Saving Christmas".

As always, Christina was fabulously funny in the movie playing a daughter who arrives home for Christmas to discover her family is being rented out by a complete stranger, Ben Affleck, which results in a series of hilarious events.

Christina Applegate Friends 2002

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So what type of hair does Christina have?

Ken reported that she has "lots of hair that is really really thick" although her hair has a "little bit of bend in the form of slight waves".

Ken mused "although many people think of Christina" as the "typical long blonde beauty" like "Jessica Simpson", Christina has morphed through a series of hair styles and different colors since he has been working with her.

Ken listed some of the various hairstyles and colors including a short brunette bob and a short choppy blonde bob. She even sported a streaked punky hair style." Which was hard for me to actually visualize. Christina seems like the classic California Girl.

Ken noted that "Christina has very definite ideas of how she wants her hair to look for her various roles, but that she also trusts Ken, giving him a lot of freedom with her hair.

Ken said that he respects the fact that "Christina is willing to experiment" with her look" which Ken "admires greatly".

Ken reported that "Christina currently has her hair short for a film" but that "she will be going back to extensions in the very near future" for a new film that will be starting soon and requires her to have longer locks.

Christina Applegate Friends 2002

NBC All Rights Reserved

And speaking of extensions, as I was grilling Ken about Christina's tresses, he had just finished applying a deep conditioning mask to a collection of gorgeous blonde extensions that he had washed with a moisturizing shampoo and was letting air dry on a beach towel in his Hollywood back yard.

He told me that the extensions were going with him to the Cosmo shoot to transform the currently short haired Christina into a luscious big haired Cosmo girl.

As Ken was explaining about the extensions his beloved cat was let outside of the house and started to circle the yard where the extensions were air drying and it was time for Ken to escape from my endless Applegate questions.

With a quick farewell he was off on yet another fascinating celebrity hair happening.


Watch for Ken's fabulous big Cosmo hairstyle on the December 2003 issue. There is no doubt her hair will look incredible. Watch for Christina to continue to show up in a variety of excellent movie and TV roles.

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