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Bob Kuban My Side Of The Bandstand

As I recently reported in my Blog here at, I recently discovered a fabulous book - Bob Kuban - My Side Of The Bandstand written with Nancy K. Wegner.

It turns out Bob Kuban was my music teacher for four years at Bishop Du Bourg High School (in St. Louis). Everyday, during the school year, I would sit perched on my metal folding chair, which got freezing cold in the winter and sticky hot in the summer, playing my clarinet.

Meanwhile Bob aka Mr. Kuban, aka Mr. K, who was always impeccably dressed in GQ menswear, would sit on his conductor's chair and run us through a variety of musical works or lecture on theory.

In between playing and listening to Mr. K teach, he would entertain us with stories from his life. Bob and his band - The In-Man - released The Cheater which became an International hit and gold record.

I was always amazed at how perfect Bob's hair looked back in the day. He wore it in a carefully constructed sweep off the front of his forehead and it never ever seemed to flop. Back then I would stare at his hair in wonderment, but in retrospect, his hair was a perfect style for that time period.

Through a series of unfortunate events including the death of his father and the Vietnam War, Bob was not allowed to go on tour with his hit record. The timing for Bob was wrong and his band eventually broke up.

Bob Kuban Brass

While all these challenges might tank most people, Bob Kuban was a very special person who had dedicated his life to performing. As a result, he picked himself up, dusted himself off and started a new band which is still in existence today and more popular than ever before.

In fact, Bob's band - Bob Kuban and The Bob Kuban Brass still rock St. Louis on an ongoing basis. Bob, who was also very driven and hard working, has built a fabulous career around music. Besides his Bob Kuban band, he has The Bob Kuban Entertainment Agency where Bob has built an fantastic directory of entertainers who run the gamut from local to celebrity. Voted Business Man of The Month by St. Louis Business Journal, Bob is involved in most major events that happen in St. Louis.

Mr. Bob Kuban, my music teacher, was a man who was driven to achieve. His goals as our high school band instructor was to help his students become the best musicians we could become. He also taught us commitment, responsibility and the benefits of hard work and practice. Bob was one of my best teachers in high school because he was always there for his students.

A Surprise Chat With Bob Kuban

After I mentioned in my Blog how much I loved the book, Bob Kuban - My Side Of The Bandstand written with Nancy K. Wegner, to my surprise, I received a very nice note from Nancy. I had no idea she would see my comments and was honored to hear from her.

Bob Kuban

After a few email correspondences she promised to fill me in on what Bob has been up to since the book was published. I was pleased to discover that my former music teacher for four years was as busy and driven now as he was back then.

In fact, Nancy informed me Bob was going to be featured on a Carnival Cruise in early 2009. She also told me Bob was playing a very busy schedule of events.

Imagine my surprise when on Friday the 13th of June when I answered my ringing phone and I heard Bob on the other end of the line. He sounded exactly as he did back in band class and he was as entertaining as I remembered him.

We talked about old times at Bishop Du Bourg High School and about My Side Of The Bandstand. I told Bob how much I enjoyed his book, my time as his student and encouraged him to do everything all over again. He laughed but hopefully he will consider my suggestion. As I told him, "it's never to late" to achieve new things.

After a very enjoyable chat and walk down memory lane, Bob promised to send me information about his Carnival Cruise in February 2008, which I received just two days later. I promised Bob I would post all the info so that any Bob Kuban fans can sign up and enjoy non-stop entertainment which is being billed as a huge St. Louis Celebration at Sea!

No, I didn't ask Bob about his hair from the past or currently, although on all his current photos he still is perfectly coiffed.

Bob graciously included a copy of a fabulous CD from the Bob Kuban Band - Bridging the Generations - Volume 2. I am looking forward to putting down the convertible top in my Porsche and cruising home to the sounds of Bob Kuban.


Bob Kuban

Whether you were a Bob Kuban fan from St. Louis years or just a person who enjoys great rock and roll music from the Ike and Tina Turner era, you will enjoy Bob's book My Side Of The Bandstand.

You would also love Bob in person which the Carnival Cruise offers. Of course if you need a great band for a special event, Bob Kuban's band is one of the best live bands still performing for a variety of events. Meanwhile, check out Bob's website and listen to The Cheater when you get a chance.

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