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Scandalous Hairstyle Stories


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The world media has been full of scandalous hairstyle stories since the beginning of time.

Introduction - Scandalous Hairstyle Stories

In current times there have been a series of shocking and very scandalous hairstyle stories which have rocked generations to their core.

The Beatles Mop Top Hairstyle

Although beloved by legions of fans around the world, The Beatles created waves of hairstyle scandals.

Their hair scandals really picked up steam when they arrived in the United States in early 1964.  The Fab Four were wearing very controversial hairstyles labeled mop tops.

Teens and young fans rushed to imitate the long shaggy bob hairstyles complete with eye-blinding fringes, much to the horror of their parents, teachers, and even certain arms of the law.

Britney Spears Head Shaving Scandal

Britney Spears also triggered a series of scandalous hairstyle stories in 2007 and 2008.  She appeared to have a very public meltdown.  Her drama ended with her dropping by a random hair salon.  She had her famous long platinum blonde tresses completely shaved off.

Britney's new bald scalp triggered gasps around the world.

Amanda Bynes - February 2009 Amanda Bynes - February 2009

It was later revealed in court that Britney's ultimate goal was to prevent drug testing.  She was afraid drug testing might result in the loss of her two children.

At the time, her scandalous hairstyle actions were seen as a major cry for help.  Regardless of her reasons.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has always managed to pull off a series of scandalous hairstyles.

This was especially true when her popularity started to soar.

Gaga's goal was to shock and thrill her exploding fan base.  Her shocking hair was not signaling a need for rehab.

It also didn't   suggest she in full-blown meltdown mode.

Lady Gaga managed to whip up a series of shocking hair bows and hairstyles,  She also showcased unusual contrasting hair hues.

All of her shocking hair trends y kept her in the limelight in a positive way.

Amanda Bynes Shaved Her Head

In the Spring of 2013, the former Nickelodeon sweetheart appeared to have a Britney Spears-style meltdown.

Amanda Bynes shocked the world by shaving her head.  Then she adopted a series of bizarre wigs

In April of 2013 Amanda took to Twitter to announce to her stunned loyal fans that she had an eating disorder.

In late May, the then 27-year-old actress was arrested while wearing a shocking wig.  The  very long platinum blonde wig was frightful.  It covered her face.

Amanda Bynes May 2013 Amanda Bynes May 2013

The bizarre wig shocked many who saw her. The media couldn't stop talking about Amanda's legal and other troubles.

Those troubles have been escalating since September of 2012.

Amanda's horrendous long blonde wig was the topic of many news reporters, including popular political commentator, author, and actor Bill Maher.

Those in Amanda's circle believed her head shaving and shocking wigs were a serious cry for help.

Her behavior certainly shocked her long-standing friends as well as the press.

Summary - Scandalous Hairstyle Stories

Throughout history, there has been a never-ending stream of scandalous hairstyle stories.  In some cases, those hairstyles have changed the world of hair forever.

The Beatles shook up the world of hair in the mid-1960s with the introduction of their radical mop tops.

Lady Gaga took the hair world by storm with her over-the-top wigs and hairstyles.  Her scandalous hairstyles were utilized to help build an adoring fan base.

Her shocking hairstyles were much like The Beatles did back in the 1960s.

In other cases, scandalous hairstyle stories have signified personal struggles and meltdowns.

Although Amanda Bynes is the latest public figure to showcase a very scandalous series of hairstyles, she definitely won't be the last.

Best wishes.

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