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Woz's Twitter And Phone Buddies Voted Him To Safety on DWTS

Steve Wozniak and Karina Smirnoff have Twitterville, the Blogosphere and tons of iPhone and Apple fans on their side.  Not to mention the fact that America has fallen in love with the charming, funny and downright adorable Woz, as he is called by all his fans.

Yes, we already love Karina Smirnoff.  What's not to love?  She's gorgeous, dances like the champion she is, has stunning hair and is in love.  What more could anyone ask for?

Well on ABC's Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) the professional dancers can hope and pray for a great partner.  What Woz has going for him is his heart of gold, super genius brain he's the co-founder of Apple) and that smile that lights up the world.  He also has legions of long standing fans, not just from DWTS.  Plus he's a great sport, doesn't complain and keeps telling the world he's in the DWTS competition to have fun.  What an awesome attitude.

Poor Woz has suffered not one but two injuries (fractured foot, pulled hamstring) which left him hobbling for the most recent rounds of DWTS.  Many of the shows watchers believed he would fall and be the second celebrity to be cut.  But don't count out The Woz and his fans.

In what has been described by the media as possibly one of the most amazing comebacks in DWTS record books, Woz's fans voted and literally erased a 7-point deficit.  They helped Steve leap over Holly Madison and Denise Richards.

Denise was the ultimate loser getting sent home while Playboy's Holly hung on for yet another week with The Woz.  The cute dancing Apple man was definitely shocked to have survived the DWTS cut.  He said "I was more shocked than any time in my life," and continued with "maybe except when I got served with divorce papers."

The judges who gave The Woz a combined score of 10, which is also has to be a record for the lowest score on DWTS, appeared shocked that his fans voted him over the edge of the dancing cliff.  The blososphere and Twitteruniverse has also made note of how mean the DWTS judges were to Woz and the low score he received.  Yes, he didn't dance well but he has such amazing heart and soul.  That has to count for something.

If I were one of the DWTS judges I would be a little nervous since they have riled the Apple loving feathers of the Woz fans around the tech Universe.  The DWTS judges better watch out or they just might get voted off the show by Woz fans or even worse, be banned from ever owning iPhones, a fate worse than death for many.

Congratulations to Woz.  I voted for you.

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