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Bangs: Long Eyebrow Skimming Bangs


Carmen Electra w/ long eyebrow skimming bangs at America's Most Smartest Model Launches The Sony Ericsson Z750 12-03-07

Throughout the history of bang wearing long eyebrow skimming bangs have cycled in and out of popularity.

At the Fall 2007 Fashion Week many of the models in the various high fashion shows rocked eyebrow skimming bangs also referred to as heavy bangs or below-the-eye fringes.

Up and coming model Irina Lazareanu rocked below-the-eyebrow bangs at the Marc Jacobs show. Models at Proenza Schouler and BCBG also strutted down the runways with full heavy bangs.

Rocker Ashlee Simpson is famous for wearing classic eyebrow skimming or eyebrow bangs and has worn them off and on for years.

Actress and model Carmen Electra appeared recently at America's Most Smartest Model appearance in December wearing dramatic long below-the-eyebrow bangs. As always she looked stunning.

Long Eyebrow Style Bangs

Ashlee Simpson w/ long eyebrow skimming bangs at Mean Magazine CD Party July 23, 2003

Long eyebrow style bangs are thought to be very sexy and can be cut to hang long into the actual eyes or may be the result of bangs that are growing out.

These bangs are typically cut to hang past the eyebrow by anywhere from 1/4 to 1/2 inch.

Although some hair and beauty experts recommend that only some types of face shapes should wear the long sassy bang style, other experts believe that every face shape can benefit from the look.

Whether the long eyebrow style bang is the result of growing out bangs or cut on purpose, they have the benefit of directing immediate attention upon the eyes.

Many wearers report that the below-the-eyebrow bangs are annoying and hard to wear. Indeed, if the natural texture of the hair is wavy the long eyebrow bangs may require special styling products to straighten.

Texturizing around the fringes of heavy bangs offers a good softening option (see Ashley Peldon below). Feathered bangs will create a fluffy look that immediately softens and lengthens.

Types Of Hair Compatible With Long Eyebrow Bangs

Ashley Peldon Long wispy below-eyebrow bangs Ashley & Courtney Peldon's Launch Starring...! Fragrances 12-02-07

Long eyebrow skimming bangs can be stunning when combined with any type of hair length from super short to super long and somewhere in-between. Long eyebrow skimming bangs work best on hair that is naturally straight due to the fact that tresses with any type of bend, wavy or curl will be more difficult to style.

Depending on the natural type, thin, medium or thick, long eyebrow bangs can be worn thin and wispy or very thick with lots of volume.

Eyebrow skimming bangs can be cur straight across from side to side or it optionally can be cut in a way that the bangs angle down from the end of the eyebrows down towards the ears to create a triangular effect.

Highlighted Eyebrow Skimming Bangs

If the goal of eyebrow skimming bangs is to punch up the eyes, carefully applied ribbons of highlights and lowlights intertwined throughout the bangs can have a spectacular effect.

If the highlights and/or lowlights are added to thin, fine hair worn in eyebrow skimming bangs, there is an added benefit of instant plumpness and volume.

Eyebrow Skimming Bang Styling Options

Anita Pointer Love Letters Performance Benefit 12-01-07

Long eyebrow skimming bangs can be styled so that they are worn down in a straight or jagged line extending across the forehead.

Or, sometimes eyebrow skimming bangs are worn swept to one side with the bulk of the bangs draped over one eye Veronica Lake style.

Long bangs are ideal for utilizing a wide range of hair accessories ranging from bejeweled bobby pins, sleeper clips, hair clips and slides.


Famed Fashion Designer Anna Sui has been featuring heavy eyebrow skimming bangs in her runway shows for many years.

An array of high fashion models have strutted Sui designs topped by heavy bangs for years and created a signature style that sets Sui apart from other designers.

Many celebrities from Ashlee Simpson to Carmen Electra have created a signature hairstyle out of heavy, long eyebrow skimming bangs that are also referred to as below-the-eyebrow bangs.

Do long eyebrow skimming bangs look good on everyone? Although everyone should wear their hair exactly as they please, long veils of eyebrow framing bangs need to be selected on a case by case basis.

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