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Bachelor 4: Aloha Lindsey Episode 2


The second episode of ABC's Bachelor 4 with perfectly tousled Bob Guiney was full of twists and turns including a mini-rose elimination ceremony, lots of top drawer group dates with lots of kissing and cuddling. With Bob, of course. No need to start any other wild random since the fans are already working the rumor mill overtime. (Image of Lindsey D to the side - ABC/Craig Sjodin - all rights reserved).

Don't expect any romancing between the bachelorettes since after all, this is billed as wholesome family entertainment. At least I think it's supposed to be wholesome? If future episode teasers can be trusted, major catfights are just around the corner with major claws being exposed.

Speaking of crazy rumors, the wild fan speculations focused on the appearance of a speeding ambulance actually resulted in a grim faced, lanky tressed, bachelorette being filmed in a local hospital for an apparent kidney infection. The perfectly coifed doc on duty mugged coyly for the cameras as he explained the medical emergency. Note to the ER doc - ABC is always looking for new bachelors with good hair.

Bachelorette Antoinette traded in her evening gown for the hospital kind and missed out on a fun-filled glitteratsi group date to San Francisco. Arriving back at the bachelorette pad she worried about losing her place in the competition. Luckily she did manage to edge her way into a different group date, obviously annoying some of the other women who resented going on a date with six ladies instead of five.

The only ruby headed bachelorette, professional dancer, Lindsey D (see above), made an aside to the cameras that Misty was "her biggest competition" as the bodacious blonde babe (see below) showed off her best bikini form for Bob in his arms.

Lindsey D had good cause for alarm as All American Dreamboat Bob got surprisingly touchy feely with sultry blonde Misty along with a trio of saucy brunettes, Estella, Meredith and LeeAnn. Ironically all of Bob's kissing sweeties survived the rose ceremony at the end of the show. Is there a message there?

(Image below of Bob Guiney with Misty - poolside - Episode 2 - ABC/Craig Sjodin)

Meanwhile a glum Jennifer hung back and told the bachelorette group that she would be eliminated when the mini rose ceremony was announced. Although Jennifer surprisingly survived the actual cut, Lindsey D's thoughts about Misty proved shockingly true as she was booted off, never to reappear at the house, with the rest of the bachelorettes.

Bachelorette Bitch Emerges

The Bachelorette Bitch that everyone loves to hate has now surfaced in the form of elementary school teach LeeAnn. (Image of Bob Guiney and LeeAnn below - ABC/Craig Sjodin - all rights reserved). If you remember, LeeAnn was seen smoozing with Bob's mom in the first episode, winning a motherly nod of approval.

Like Bachelor 3's Kirsten, LeeAnn is a brunette vixen who is already elbowing out the other lovely ladies. She started out sweet as pie and according to Bob, made an instant impression when she first met Bob for her gorgeous brunetteness.

During Episode 2's Burlesque Show group date LeeAnn brazenly grabbed Bob's willing hand and led him into a backroom complete with a bed. LeeAnn wasted no time in getting Bob into position for a snugglefest that included some strategic face sucking. Bob seemed definitely smitten as he stroked LeeAnn's arms, hands and pulled her in for a few repeat rounds of lip locking.

The other bachelorettes were not smitten and some confessed that they thought LeeAnn was "not right for Bob". For a few minutes during the rose ceremony it looked like LeeAnn might be sent packing since she was the very last one to receive a rose.

Not only did some of the bachelorettes grumble loudly on camera about LeeAnn, there was the interview with LeeAnn where she was quoted as saying "she wants the rose, the ring and Bob". She is also quoted ala Kirsten from Bachelor 3, as saying "I'm not here to make friends" and even more telling "I don't care what any of the other girls think about me".

Lots of Lip Locking

Meanwhile short tressed vixen Kelly Jo who snagged the first kiss during Episode 1 seemed to fade into the background during Episode 2. Kissing Bachelorettes, Meredith, Estella, LeeAnn and Misty, seemed to gain some major ground. Obviously brunettes are having just as much fun on this show as the blondes.

Bob loves those bachelorette's lips. Not only does he seem to love to lean in for a long sensuous kiss, he likes to use his hands and stroke the object of his kissing attention. Maybe Bob is just an extremely tactile person or maybe he's thinking, hey, this won't last forever. Good thought Bobby. He certainly doesn't have to worry about kissing and telling because after all, millions of people are watching him neck on National TV.

Let me hasten to point out that Bob's kissing activities catapult him above the other three bachelors who were wimps in comparison. Unlike the other bachelors, Bob seems to be moving a lot faster or should I say, making faster moves?

The steaminess that erupted in Episode 2 makes it seem likely that Bob's Bachelor 4 will be the most passionate of the Bachelor genre shows so far.

Image above of Estella & Bob Guiney - poolside - Episode 2 - ABC/Craig Sjodin)

Lindseys Both Exit

Blonde Southern Belle Lindsey K had awesome natural curly ringlets. She also was obviously a sweet girl with a beautiful smile. However, she and Bob didn't seem to have a connection and she joined the first Lindsey when she got the big boot in the rose ceremony. (Image below of Lindsey K & Bob Guiney - Episode 1 - ABC/Craig Sjodin)

As she was leaving the second eliminated Lindsey made a snide comment about the fact that the LeeAnn had survived. Lindsey K sniffed that "if LeeAnn is Bob's type" than Bob is not the type of guy she wants to be involved with.

Besides dumping both of the Lindseys, Bob said goodbye to teary-eyed bachelorette fav Lanah, the viviacious platinum tressed Kristi and brunette Jennifer.

Mary continued to exercise her alternative language muscles although when she received a rose many of the fed-up TVland fans were asking Que Pasa?

Stay Tuned For More Steam

Yes Bob has had to suffer through breaking hearts and sending tearful ladies home, but he also enjoyed three spectacular dates surrounded by a bevy of gorgeous gals in bikinis, gorgeous gowns and Burlesque costumes. For gods sake, even the the Mayor of San Francisco showed up. Can life get any sweeter?

In all fairness, it must be said that even though Bob likes his sugar, he is handling Bachelordom with true class and sensitivity. The Bobby that we all came to know and love on The Bachelorette and Oprah and in the press, seems to be holding true to character as a kind and sincere guy that really doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. Yes, he wants to have fun and party, but in the end, I believe that Bob will do what is best for all concerned.

Meanwhile, I personally can't wait for the more intimate dates. After all, if Bob is already locking lots of lips on Episode 2, I can only imagine what will develop next. There could be some heavy steam headed our way. G rated of course but nevertheless, smokin.

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