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Ashley Tisdale's Hair: Steal Her Hairstyle!


Ashley Tisdale High School Musical Screening 1-14-06

The lovely blonde Ashley Tisdale was born July 2, 1985 in Monmouth, New Jersey.

The younger sister of Jennifer Tisdale, Ashley has made a huge splash in her role on the Tween hit The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody which airs on the Disney Channel.

Ashley first broke into showbiz at the tender age of 11 when she provided her voice for the Japanese film Mimi wo sumaseba.

From that humble beginning Ashley made a series of guest appearances on such shows as 7th Heaven, Beverly Hills 90210, The Geena Davis Show, Boston Public, Charmed, Malcolm In The Middle, George Lopez and Still Standing.

In March of 2005 she made her first appearance as Maddie Fitzpatrick on Zack And Cody. Since then she has appeared in over 30 episodes of the Disney hit.

What has really gotten the blonde beauty lots of attention is her role as the evil drama queen Sharpay in Disney's High School Musical which is a huge hit. The musical has been described as 'Grease' meets 'Romeo and Juliet.

The musical has been such a phenomenal success that Ashley has been heavily sought after on the Talk Show Circuit and has already secured a spot in the sequel which is already in the planning stages.

Step By Step Instructions - Steal Ashley's Style

Ashley Tisdale Glory Road World Premiere 01-05-06

Celebrity Hairdresser Robert Hallowell actually briefly worked with Ashley many years ago when she was a very little girl on The Geena Davis Show. He graciously agreed to walk me through the steps that he would use to create her current hair style.

Ashley has been working the long thick blonde look wearing her hair in a deep side part with a full lush side-swept fringe that Robert pointed out was very flattering to her face shape.

He recommended the following steps to stealing Ashley's gorgeous long blonde loosely waved style:

1. Shampoo with product that is designed for your hair's type, texture and current condition.

Robert recommends his "famous Shine Booster Shampoo, which he uses on many of his famous clients to add moisture and protect with color treated or highlighted strands".

Ashley Tisdale The Radio Disney Totally 10 Birthday Concert 07-22-06

2. Rinse shampoo well and follow with an application of Shine Booster Conditioner or similar rinse-out conditioning product.

Robert pointed out that "because Ashley's hair is highlighted blonde and is very long, it would benefit from a rinse-out conditioning product that preserved the color and added back moisture".

Note: To instantly copy Ashley's long blonde waves check out The HairDo 23" Clip-In Wavy.

3. Finish with a cool/cold clear water rinse to remove all remaining conditioner, to help close the cuticle and build in natural shine. 4. Towel blot excess water and then apply a few drops of Robert's Love That Shine Treatment Elixer or similar leave-in conditioner working the product into the tresses with your fingertips.

Robert explained that the "Treatment Elixer is a high integrity product that works as both a great leave-in conditioner as well as adding great stylability".

5. After the Love That Shine Treatment Elixer has been worked into the damp hair with fingers and the hair has been carefully detangled from ends to the roots, Robert recommends "adding a small dollop of his Flat Factor or similar straightening balm".

Ashley Tisdale Teen People's 4th Annual Arists Of The Year Party 11-22-05

Robert advises "adding the straightening balm to the palms of the hands and then working it into the hair on top of the Love That Shine Treatment Elixer" or similar leave-in conditioning product".

Note: To achieve more optional volume along the crown area apply Robert's Super Volumizing Tonic "to the area where fullness is desired".

6. Once the various styling products have been carefully and completely distributed from roots to ends Robert suggests "using a long tail comb to create a deep side part".

Direct the fringe hair over to one side. The hair should extend deep from the part up to the top of one eye.

Blow dry fringe area completely flat to avoid development of wrinkles or hair creases.

7. Once the fringe is completely dry, work on the rest of the hair. Select a wide boar's bristle paddle brush (for more coverage and to dry hair faster) combined with a blow dryer. Robert suggests "using the head like a roller directing hair back and forth with the brush and blow dryer to build in body, movement and remove all remaining moisture".

Ashley Tisdale 14th Annual American Society of young Musicians Spring Benefit 6-13-06

8. After the strands are completely dry use a medium sized flat iron on just the top 1/4" section of the hair surrounding the part to add spectacular sheen and swing.

Robert explained that "using a flat iron on isolated sections adjacent to the part gives hair lots of nice movement and flow. It also prevents the development of pesky fly-a-ways".

9. For extra height around the back and crown, Robert recommends "separating hair into 1 or 1 1/2" sections and back combing until the desired fullness is achieved".

Smooth hair gently into place after you are finished backcombing.

10. Separate strands into 1-2" sections and use a large barrel curling iron on the ends of the strands to create soft loose waves and curls like Ashley's.

If you prefer, set on large electric curlers to add overall bend and waves to the entire head of hair.

11. After the newly created curls have completely cooled finish with a spritz of Love That Shine Spray. Gently arrange strands and break up the curls with your finger.


Ashley Tisdale Girls Night In Event For Inside TV Magazine 04-21-05 World Premiere 04-21-05

One of the key advantages to Ashley's long lush locks is that they can be worn in a myriad of different styles from up to down, straight to texturized.

Ashley also follows the Hollywood Creed of "Hair As The Ultimate Accessory" and has been spotted instantly changing her locks with what appears to be clip-in hair extensions much like the wildly popular HairDo by Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves.

To copy Ashlee's straight bob check out the HairDo 10" Clip In in a wide range of colors.

Whether you re-create the look above with the soft waves and curls or decide to go with a sleek straight style, Ashley's has a lock on a great basic hairstyle.

If you don't have time to sit at a salon for hours having permanent extensions attached or have lots of extra minutes for hot rolling your tresses, but want to steal Ashley's different hairstyles, check out the fabulous Hairdo options. They attach in literally 5 minutes or less and as Ken Paves has pointed out "they have never been outed on any of the Red Carpets' as clip-in extensions.

Whether you steal Ashley's great Young Hollywood hairstyles or not, watch for this multi-talented beautiful young blonde performer to continue to have spectacular career successes in the future.

She has already been signed for several new TV and film roles and destined to be a major star.

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