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Antique Brunette Hair Color How To


Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is famous for her stunning brunette hues. Of course Angie has some of the best hair colorists at her fingertips and it shows.

Many hair consumers don't realize that beautiful multi-dimensional brunettes hues are composed of an array of natural golden and reddish tones. In fact, red pigments are a key foundation for the creation of truly beautiful brown hues.

A common mistake home hair colorists make when going from blonde to brunette is not adding a red pigment base first. The result? That muddy looking green.

Green Can Have A Place In Brunette Shades

Green can have it's place in brunette shades, especially when the goal is to create a matte brown with hints of jade green, rust and golden mustard accents. Hair colorists refer to this type of matted brunette as having a vintage look or being antique brown.

How is this unique brunette color created? Unless you are a highly skilled home hair colorist it's best to work with an experienced hair colorist who can utilize the very best formulas and apply alternating formulas from the crown to the sides.

Angelina Jolie

A seasoned hair colorist will understand how different brunette color tones affect face shape, eye color, skin tone, personality and hair cut depending on where they are placed. A range of three to six colors of low lights can create an array of brunette tones which look natural.

Brunette shades can even be applied based on whether the base hair is thick or thin, straight, wavy or curly.

Brunette Hues Should Be Deeper At Roots

With brunette hues, not all strands should be painted root to end. Why? Because natural brunettes do not present a uniform dept from root to ends. Natural brunette color is usually a bit deeper at the root and a bit lighter at the ends of the hair shaft.

Haircolorist John Simpson who won NAHA 19 in 2008 for his work with hair color developed a formula for professional hair colorists to recreate the antique look.

John is brilliant with his fab formulas for a variety of hair color effects. For his matte brown John recommends using Goldwell Topchic 6MB +30-Volume Developer as the base color.

Angelina Jolie

He then recommends utilizing three alternating formulas in slices within an arrow-shaped section from crown to low-recession points on each side including Topchic 20 ml 11G + 5 ml 8 G +50 ml 40-Volume Developer.

John suggests Goldwell Oxycur Platin Utlra + 20-Volume Developer to decolorize and Goldwell Topchic 7MGB + 40-Volume Developer 7MB to tone.

The results are beyond fabulous when utilized by your favorite professional hair colorist. Please don't try this at home. Only pros like John can create masterpiece hair hues.

John is one of the best of the best colorists around so be sure to keep an eye out for his latest hair color creations and formula recommendations to share with your own professional hair colorist.

About John C. Simpson

Featured in the books 50 Hairstylists and 131 Formulas from the World’s Top Colorists, John also contributes regularly to top industry publications including Modern Salon, Beauty Launchpad, The Colorist, American Salon and Behind the Chair as an industry expert.

With more than 18 years of experience, John C. Simpson is a self-proclaimed beauty industry junkie.

The hair color guru loves his craft and continues to show that passion in his work and in his life. John’s mantra to always remember that “life is not a dress rehearsal, live it, love it and create it” is spreading across the globe as he wows audiences with his live presentations.

Angelina Jolie

John truly believes and continues to prove that hair color should be as unique and individual as the canvas that wears it.

As an international platform artist for Goldwell and salon partner at Lewis Hair Salon in Pittsburgh (Shadyside), Pennsylvania, (412) 682-4063) Simpson educates stylists in all salon concepts and full beauty imagery, conveying the message of inspiration and discipline through technique.


His motivational and creative teaching style encourages his audiences to reclaim their passion for their craft and conquer new design fundamentals of hair color, cutting and finishing techniques.

Wherever he goes, John Simpson leaves his audiences craving for more!

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