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An Interview With Hair & Beauty Photographer Gregory Paul


Gregory Paul Photo

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I am constantly searching for new hair and beauty experts that can share their expertise with all the visitors to the site.

It's really true that pictures speak a thousand words. Proof of this fact is the constant requests we receive for more hair and beauty photographs to be included on the Hair Boutique site.

Note: All photos from the Gregory Paul Gallery - all rights reserved.

While searching for leading photographers in the hair and beauty industry I was lucky to meet up with Internationally known photographer Gregory Paul. I was fortunate to be able to talk with Gregory on the phone about his work as a revolutionary hair photographer.

During our first phone conversation Gregory agreed to collaborate with the Hair Boutique on an interview and photo shoot with master colorist and hair specialist Henry Amador. This was very exciting for The Hair Boutique because Henry is the inventor of the hot coloring technique known as "hair quilting".

Gregory Paul Photo

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Gregory's hair and beauty photographs have been published in numerous National and International magazines all over the Globe.

The HairBoutique is fortunate that Gregory has honored us with permission to set up a gallery of some of his wonderful hair photographs.

Gregory is not only a great photographer but he understands the hair and beauty business.

Gregory Paul Photo

All Rights Reserved

With his photographic wizardry and industry knowledge Gregory can help hair salons and individual stylists get their work photographed and published in major fashion and beauty magazines around the world.

Stylists have used Gregory to help promote their salons and their cutting and coloring styles many times over the years.

Gregory is also an incredibly talented wedding photographer. To see some of the samples of his beautiful work you can visit his website and look in the Wedding section.

Recently I had an interview with Gregory to talk with him about his expertise as a leading hair and beauty photographer.

Gregory Paul

HairBoutique (HB): Why did you become a photographer?

Gregory Paul (GP): "Photography has always been a creative outlet for me. I started shooting after a short lived modeling career."

HB: When did you decide to become a photographer?

GP: "At casting calls (for modeling) it seemed that everyone, including myself, needed updated or better modeling photos in their portfolios.

Most testing photographers in the area were outrageous in price, so I started to test models for free hoping that they would purchase prints.

After awhile I had started testing models for some of the local modeling agencies.

At the time, South Beach in Miami was becoming very popular again and the local areas were hot spots for fashion shoots.

I guess being in the right place at the right time was the start of my photography career"

HB: Why did you specialize in hair, fashion and weddings?

Gregory Paul Photo

All Rights Reserved

GP: "Being a testing photographer for many modeling agencies made me develop a style that was very cutting edge.

I started to break the basic rules of photography as far as color balance and grain.

I started to push film and develop things against the norm to get different effects.

This style is how I got recognized in the beauty industry as a photographer with a different approach.

After a while different hair magazines saw my work at hair shows such as HAIRCOLOR USA held in Miami every year and started to book me for local coverage of hair salons and artists that they were spotlighting.

I have worked extensively with Modern Salon Magazine and American Salon as a contributing photographer for the past 12 years.

I have had work published in over 30 magazines including Coiffeur Q, Passion, Black Passion, Men's Passion and Sophisticate's Hairstyle Guide."

HB: What do you enjoy the most about the photography you do?

GP: "I enjoy the freedom to create different and intriguing photographs"

HB: How long have you been a photographer?

GP: "For the past 18 years"

HB: What are some interesting or fascinating experiences that you have had as a photographer?

GP: "Working with beauty greats such as Jesse Briggs, Leland Hirsch, Yosh Toya and many others have all been great and rewarding experiences"

HB: Does your work require you to travel extensively?

GP: "I used to travel too much. Now I have the luxury to pick and choose jobs so I try to keep my travels limited.

My shooting style in beauty and fashion fits the local scene. I try to stay local"

HB: If you are not doing wedding photography, how do you find models for your other work like hair and fashion photography?

GP: "I still do portfolio work for models and test with some of the larger modeling agencies. I seem to always have a good selection of models for clients to choose from"

HB: Is there a type of subject that you enjoy photographing more than others?

" my calling"

Thanks to Gregory for a great interview, a great new Gallery and great insight into the world of hair and beauty photography.

If you want more information about Gregory or his work please visit him at his web site or you can email Gregory.

If you want to talk more about this or other hair care articles on or anywhere else, please post a message on's Hair Talk Forums.

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