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Allen Edwards: Wavy Hair Is In Season


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Allen Edwards is a Los Angeles hair stylist who is responsible for some of Hollywood's hottest celebrities.

Allen Edwards is constantly focused on creating new and exciting hairstyles. Allen has over 30 years of experience in the hair industry. Allen has worked with some of the greatest celebrity heads in Hollywood including Farrah Fawcett, Julianne Moore, Renee Zellweger and Lara Flynn Boyle, to name just a few.

Get the look that's grabbing everyone's attention by following Allen Edwards's tips for wavy hair.

Listed below are some of Allen's latest tips for creating wavy hair:

Tip #1: Do not turn head over when styling it to achieve curly or wavy hair, as was the practice in the 80s. That will give you the wrong look!

Tip #2: Buy a quality diffuser. Lightly dry hair and do not use your hands too much when styling, as that will cause hair to be frizzy.

Tip #3: Product use and selection is highly important. Use a terrific product which works fabulously with curly hair.

Tip#4: For straight hair, you need a thick, fat curling iron to help put the wave in. Use a thick pomade. These products will help add more of a grungy feeling to hair and give it that "not so finished" look.

For more hair tips on what is hot this season, visit Allen Edwards at any of his four Allen Edwards Salon and Day Spas in Irvine, Brentwood, Studio City, and Woodland Hills.

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