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Accessories For Short Hair!


Michelle Roy - Stilletto Earrings - Chalcedony - Deep Fuschsia (Set of 2)

"Michelle Roy Stilletto Earrings Available at

With a short hairdo, you can really play up the accessories to give it instant panache. I heard this bit of mis-advice a while ago: "short hair/small earrings," and "long hair/big earrings". Not in MY book!. I own and wear everything from tiny diamond studs to three-inch diameter mother-of-pearl honkers.

Note: The Michelle Roy - Stilletto Earrings - Chalcedony - Deep Fuschsia shown to the side are available at in the Marketplace. Dangly earrings give interest and allure to short hair, and hoops look great on everyone. Gemstone studs give a nice sparkle to your earlobes, which are right out there on display with short hair. If you don’t usually wear necklaces, you might consider getting a couple of gold or silver chains, with or without pendants to help give nice neck-interest. If you don’t care for chains, try using colorful silk cords to hang a pendant around your neck. And scarves, of course, are always great to try in different ways.

One of the great sad truths is that the older we get, the more we become victims of gravity. If you feel your neck isn't as firm as it used to be, then let me share my pearl secret with you. Pearls, by their very nature, reflect light, and when you wear them around your neck, light is reflected up towards your face, therefore casting a very favorable light on your neck and face.

If you feel that short hairs are out of luck in the hair ornaments department, you couldn't be more wrong. There are lots of cute short hair ornaments available to instantly jazz up a sizzling hot do.

France Luxe - Mini Oval - Black Nacro (2)

"Mini Oval Baby Barrettes" Available at

Currently popular are the fancy bobby pins for short hair - these have sparkly Swarovski, Austrian Crystal and rhinestones. They also have enamel work, tiny ribbons and lots of other embellishments attached.

They make a neat look. There are also "mini" hair elastics (called scrunchies before the Sex In The City Scrunchie Scandal). Colored elastic bands, clips and baby barrettes are in major supply.

Note: The Mini Oval Barrettes shown to the side are available in the Marketplace.

I've been noticing that many women with short hair are creating some innovative styles using elastics and barrettes. They take a few sections of hair, twist each section and then pin them down. This makes a cute semi-braided look.

Some hair accessory manufacturers are making "hair jewels" that stick to the hair for a dramatic look. Your imagination is the only limit to what you can do to glitz up your look. One day in the mall I saw a young woman with very short dark hair who had tied a satiny green ribbon, headband-style, around her head with the ends trailing down her back. it was enchanting!

A few words on the sheer femininity of short hair - when your hair is short, other things are noticeable. This includes your neck, ears and shoulder. Play them up! have you ever noticed how sexy longhaired women look when their hair is up? This is because the ears and neck are shown off.

Try this the next time you go out: if your outfit allows it, apply some body glitter for your neck, upper back, chest and ear lobes. You'll be dazzling in any light!


Accessories for short hair are in abundance. Just let your imagination guide you and be prepared to experiment. And don't forget the secret pearl trick!

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