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12 Ways To Hair Nirvana In 2002!


The New Year often brings about a need to chase after hair related resolutions involving words like improve, commit and focus. Why not throw out those types of word and exchange them for embrace, nuture and play. If you've got a hair resolution list for 2002, lose it. Instead, give yourself permission to achieve instant hair nirvana and fun.

Here's a list to start you on your path to enjoying your tresses in 2002:

  1. Beautify your private hair care den. Clear the clutter, organize your hair care tools and add little touches of elegance. Stock up on super thick, luxurious towels that you reserve just for your wet tresses.
  2. Pamper your strands with a splurge on that sumptuous hair care line (Kusco Murphy, John Sahag, Phytotherathrie, Philip B) you have been lusting after. Lock yourself away in your beautiful hair palace while you soothe your senses with a long, sensual shampoo and deep conditioning treatment. Add your favorite music, scented candles and soaps to totally overwhelm your senses.
  3. Be adventurous and whip up a homemade hair recipe from an aromatherapy beauty cookbook. Try peppermint or ylang ylang hair oil for a new hair conditioning twist.
  1. Wrap your locks & tendrils in satin while you float off into dreamland. Invest in sensual satin pillowcases or a silken nightcap to keep your hair soft and tangle free while you slumber.
  1. Discover the Zen of scalp massage. Put your favorite tunes on your CD, light your favorite relaxation candles, put on your comfy PJs and get ready to connect oil-dipped fingertips with your appreciative scalp.

  1. Grab a mane giggle by loading up on videos about hairstylists (Shampoo, Diner) or flicks that have a hair related theme (Steele Magnolias, Legally Blonde, Runaway Bride, Johnny Suede).
  1. Roam aimlessly through an antique mall with the sole purpose of discovering unusual hair combs, jewels or styling tools from years gone by. Imagine your hair adorned with some of the rare gems you discover.
  1. Invite a lover to play with your hair. Luxuriate in the feel of having your hair washed, brushed or braided.
  1. Surround yourself with hair buddies and have a mane makeover party. Try on each other's conditioners, blow dryers and styling irons. Play with hot new styling tools like automatic braiders and hot twisty curlers.
  1. Surf to all the hot hairboards (HairTalk,, TLHS Guestbook) on the Net and chat endlessly about your follicles. Acquire some new strand fans.
  1. Go wild with a crazy style that will make you smile. Gel your ringlets up into a perky ponytail or revisit your childhood with zany pigtails. Let your hair styling imagination soar.
  1. Set aside a special time every day to express your innermost thoughts in your own private hair journal.

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