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Courtney Love Has Hair Rising Experience In New York

The MailOnline reported an interesting hair raising story involving singer Courtney Love, 45.  It seems Courtney was in New York yesterday wearing her long blonde wavy locks down.

Apparently it was quite windy in The City and Courtney's long waves were being whipped all over the place.  Images of Courtney with her hair getting trapped in her waiting car door were shown on various websites.

(Image of Courtney Love - - All Rights Reserved)

While it was unfortunate that Courtney had to struggle with her long blonde hair getting caught in her car door and almost blinding her as she tried to walk through the wind, it's important to note that wind can do just as much damage to hair as sun, sea and salt.

When the wind is whipping hair around, it's possible it's causing tangles which may ultimately lead to split ends, rips and tears.

Anyone with long hair should always have hair friendly elastics on hand to pull hair back, at least while being exposed to high gale forces.  If you know before you leave the house that its windy outside, wrap your long hair in a tight chignon.

Courtney was in New York promoting her upcoming album with her band Hole called "Nobody's Daughter", which is due for release next month.  It is the rock band's fourth studio album and their first in 12 years since 1998's Celebrity Skin.

The band debuted some of their new tracks last week at the four-day South By South West festival in Austin, Texas.

In recent interviews Courtney has opened up about her marriage to the late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain,  She said she doesn't want to live off his royalties.

She said: 'I would love to not have to live on Kurt's money."  She also said to The Guardian 'Commercial success killed my husband. I'm not sure I'm comfortable with commercial success. But I'm not going to let it f**k me up this time.'

'He was an oblivion seeker, a f**king lotus eater. I never wanted that. I was the kind of drug addict that just wanted to be comfortable in my skin.'Courtney Love says her husband Kurt Cobain died because he was an "oblivion seeker".

In her interview Courtney also said she was unfairly blamed for Kurt's death and she became a scapegoat.  She said she was shocked to become so unpopular as a result of what happened with Kurt.  Regardless, Courtney is determined to try her hand at another CD to earn her keep.

Hopefully the next time she hits a windy patch she will be prepared to avoid having a bad hair day.

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