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12 Signs Of Great Hairstylists


Jennifer Aniston with The Rachel

Jennifer Aniston's celebrity hairstylist Chris McMillian is almost as well-known as his famous Friend. The hairstylist who has guided Jennifer through a variety of hairstyles through the years probably meets the list below of a great hairstylist.

You don't have to be a celebrity to deserve a great hairstylist. When selecting a new hairdresser check out the following signs that make a great hair artist.

1. Communicates Well - A great hairstylist allows their clients to talk about their hair. They truly listen and strive to make their hair clients feel important. A great stylist asks their clients how they can make their hair the best it can be from the client's viewpoint.

A great hairstylist wants you to leave the salon feeling better than when you arrived and they care that you are 100% satisfied. They also maintain a great attitude, appear happy to see you and never gossip or bad mouth other stylists, clients or people in their life.

2. Honoring Promises – It's easy to make lots of promises, but not nearly as easy to always keep them.

A great hair professional only makes promises they can keep, but makes sure they deliver what was promised. They never promise they are the best in town unless they really are the best.

3. Listens Carefully – Some hairdressers may nod their head as if they are listening to what you are saying about your hair when they may mentally be a million miles away. Other hair stylists may resent their clients if they feel they are trying to tell them how to do their job.

Lauren Conrad

A great hairstylist truly listens to what you are saying, even if it's not positive feedback. They also are honest with you about your hair and let you know whether they can help you solve problems or not. A great hairstylist gives you their undivided attention.

4. Admits Mistakes – Hairstylists are human and mistakes may happen. A great hairstylist won't try to hide their mistakes, make excuses or blame others.

They will own up to problems they have caused with your hair and they will do everything possible to fix it to your satisfaction.

5. Responds In A Timely Manner – When you contact your hairstylist via the phone, email or through social media to discuss a problem, concern or need for advice they will respond promptly.

If your questions or concerns are directly related to their recent service, they will move you to the top of their calendar to make sure they can address the issues.

6. Refunds Appropriately – If you are unhappy with the hair services that you received, your professional hairstylist will voluntarily offer to provide you with an appropriate refund or credit for future services.

Even if you refuse an offer to have the problem fixed, the hairstylist will still offer you a refund. Great hairstylists understand that in order to retain a good client for a lifetime they have to do what they can to keep them happy.

7. Never Forgets – A great hairdresser sends you a thank you card when you refer your friends or family. They also send you reminder messages about your next color service or trim reminder.

Really great hairdressers send you a birthday card with a special offer such as a free bang trim, a scalp massage or a free take-home product to celebrate your special day.

Sarah Hyland

8. Never Surprises You – The economy changes, companies discontinue hair care and color lines and salons move. However, a great hairstylist will give you plenty of notice about a change in pricing, hours or a move.

They also will advise you of a change in available product lines or service options. They will give you enough warning so you can discuss your options and plan.

9. Are Always On Time – In today's world everyone is busier than ever with families, careers and living life. A great hairstylist is always prompt and never keeps you waiting.

If something comes up they will make every effort to contact you in advance to advise you of a schedule slip. They will also provide you with as much notice as possible when a need to cancel your appointment arises.

10. Gives You Their Undivided Attention - Celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves once told me that when a client is in his chair they are the most important thing in his life for the time they are there. Ken turns off his cell phone and gives his clients his completely and undivided attention.

Although Ken works with some of the most famous women in the world, everyone deserves the same attention from their hairdresser. A great one will make sure you feel like you are the most important person in their life while you are in their chair.

11. Practices Excellent Grooming - It is never acceptable for your hairstylist to skimp on showering or clothing changes. A great hairstylist is well-groomed and have perfectly maintained hair. Would you go to a dentist with bad teeth? A great hairstylist understands that their hair is part of their calling card.

Sarah Hyland

12. Has Excellent Manners - While some people love to chat with their hairstylists while their hair is being styled, others want peace and quiet. A great hairstylist takes a que from you and talks when you do or respects your need for silence. They also say thank you for your business and use please when it's appropriate.

A great hairstylist will also avoid cracking and popping gum in your ears, eating while doing your hair, yelling across the salon at other hairstylists, telling dirty jokes or cursing and swearing.

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