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Naturally Curly Haired Diana-Maria Riva In New Latin Comedy

Diana-Maria Rivas With Natural Curls

Naturally Curly Haired Diana-Maria Riva In New Latin Comedy

One of my all-time favorite Latino actresses is Diana Maria Riva who was fabulous in the film What Men Want starring Mel Gibson.

Besides her great comedic timing the actress has an amazing head of stunning natural curls which she showcases with pride.  Diana has a very thick head of stunning ringlets which she wears with an array of beautiful highlights and low lights.

Although she told the media it took her a long time to figure out how to work with her own hair, she explained that mousse changed her life in a dramatic way.

Although she works with a variety of hairstylists on set, she does her own hair more often than not to make sure she can wear it full of coils.

Luckily for all Diana's fans, CBS announced in September that it was reviving a TV comedy starting comedian Rob Schneider playing a man who marries into a tight-knit Mexican family.

Diana Maria Riva plays his mother-in-law and hopefully will be as sassy and fun as she was in the film What Women Want.It also co-stars Claudia Bassols as his wife, and Cheech Marin as his father-in-law.  Lupe Ontiveros plays the wife’s grandmother and Eugenio Derbez is her uncle.

Not only will fans get to see Diana-Maria on a regular basis on the CBS comedy, it's likely we're get to hear a lot more about her natural texture which she personally enjoys talking about and showing off.

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