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Kaley Cuoco And Juanes Present Best Comedy Album Grammy Award

Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco And Juanes Present Best Comedy Album Grammy Award

Beautiful blonde Kaley Cuoco who co-stars on the TV hit, 'The Big Bang Theory' and Grammy and Latin Grammy winner Juanes made a gorgeous couple presenting the Best Comedy Album.

Kaley looked spectacular with her blonde hair worn cascading down towards her shoulders in stick straight curtains.  She had on a long black gown with a plunging neckline.

Hanging With Some Geeks

Kaley started by saying "like many of you in my day job I hang out with some geeks.  Cute geeks but a lot of them.  Tonight I get to be here in the presence of great musical artists from around the world who are doing seriously brilliant work like Juanes here."

Juanes, looking very dark and very handsome said "thank you Kaley but I think I speak for all the serious people in the world when I say there are many times where we all need a laugh from very funny people like yourself."

Kaley said "awwww, well thank you.  So now, for those of us like me who can't really sing or play, a funny Grammy award category that doesn't necessarily require a musical talent."

Juanes "these are the nominees for Best Comedy Album.  Back From The Dead, Spinal Tap.  'A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift Of All', Stephen Colbert. 'Internet Leaks' by Weird Al Yankovic. 'My Weakness Is Strong', Patton Oswalt. 'Sucking It for The Holidays', Kathy Griffin and Tall, 'Dark & Chicano', George Lopez."

Stephen Colbert

The Grammy went to Stephen Colbert.  Stephen, who was also a presenter for the evening said "This is a Christmas album so obviously I should thank Jesus Christ for having such a great birthday.  But I also want to thank Comedy Central Records and I want to thank the composer and writer David Jabobaum and Adam Schlesinger."

Stephen continued with a very long thank you speech.  He said "and I want to thank Steve Gold and Todd Pilponion and Jeff Saunoff and everybody back at the show who worked on it Meredith Bennett and Rich Dom, Mike Braum and Peter, Gwen and I want to thank my wife Abby for being patient with me.  And I want to ask my daughter now, am I cool now?  Thanks so much."

Signaling that his speech was way too long, the music played and Stephen was basically silenced and sent off the stage.

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