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Perfect Hair Flowers - How To Wear

Niecy Nash With Orange Hair Flower

Perfect Hair Flowers - How To Wear

Hair flowers are one of the most popular hair accessories that never go out of style. Niecy Nash is famous for her ever changing array of floral hair blooms which dress up her hair.  Niecy looks smashing with her signature floral hair accessories whether she's wearing her hair up or down, straight or textured.

Niecy understands, better than most, that hair flowers can be worn on any hair type, texture, length and hairstyle from up to down or halfway in between.

There are no right or wrong rules when it comes to wearing hair flowers.  They can be worn freshly cut from your garden or hand crafted from the finest silk, satin or velvet.  Hair flowers are available in every price range, color, size, shape and type of bloom.

Hair flowers can be easily combined with other hair accessories such as headbands, pony elastics, bobby pins, hair clips or combs.  Only your imagination can limit the possibilities of how to wear flowers in your hair.

While it's true that anything goes with these universal hair accessories, there are a few suggestions which can make your floral hair arrangement picture perfect.

Hair Flower Selection Options & Suggestions

Consider the following suggestions when selecting and placing your hair buds:

1.  Select a hair flower in a hue which complements your current hair color.  For example, if your hair is buttery blonde select flowers in contrasting shades such as pink, red, purple, blue or even black.  Avoid flowers in shades of gold or yellow which may get lost in your hair hue.  If your hair is raven black select blooms in gold, yellow, red, blue or pink.  Black flowers look dazzling in white hair while white flowers work for brunettes.

Jordin Sparks With Yellow Hair Flower

2.  Keep your skin and eye tones in mind when selecting the best floral colors.  Jordin Sparks has beautiful chocolate brown hair with hints of golden highlights.  She looks stunning with a golden hued rose pinned a few inches back from her hairline.

Not only does the gold of the flower bring out her subtle highlights, it also visually lifts her cheekbones and eyes creating a slimming, fresh and flirty look.

3.  Look for balance when selecting and positioning your hair flower.  Niecy Nash pinned a light and dark tangerine hair flower (shown above) behind one ear nestled against the side of her raven hued tresses.

One rule of thumb for perfect hair flower positioning is to select blooms which are half the width of an updo, twist or bun on one side.   When positioning a hair flower to one side of an updo, like Niecy's hair above, the hair accessory provides balance and glam, but doesn't detract from a gorgeous face.

4.  Match the size of the flower to the size of the hairstyle.  If you wish to dress up a short chop, crop or pixie select a hair flower which is sized to match the length and thickness of the hairstyle.

A hair flower which is too large will overpower any hairstyle.  A bloom that is too small may get lost in the hair.  An optimal choice for short hair is a delicate bloom positioned on a bobby pin or small hair clip.  Another option is a small accent flower attached to a super thin headband.

5. Avoid positioning a hair flower too close to the hairline, too high on the crown or a hair flower which conflicts with your earrings or other jewelry.

Consider additional hair flower positioning options:

Taylor Swift With Large Hair Flower

- Remember that a hair flower pinned too high or too close to the hairline, especially if it's too big, will detract from the hair, eyes and skin tone.   When hair accessories are positioned too high they may look more like a small hat or fascinator then a delicate hair accessory.

- When flowers are pinned at ear-level they may drag facial features down or add unwanted width to a round or square face shape.  When you wish to pin a hair flower over an ear or horizontally at mid-face, then go with a sleek flower which is flat and won't add extra width to the cheeks.

- The most flattering position for hair flowers is usually 2 to 2 1/2 inches back from the hairline and one inch above the temple.  This is an ideal placement on one side of the hair which is pulled back from the face.  It instantly lifts the eyes and cheekbones and creates a slimming look.

Jordin Sparks Hair Flower Hairstyle

- Avoid positioning a large string of connected flowers on one side of the head so they appear to float above the hairdo.

This can make the head look loop-sided while making the opposite side of the head look droopy or unbalanced.  When wearing a string of flowers make sure that they are nestled into the hairstyle.

- When adding a large bloom at the back of a hair twist or bun be careful to select a hair flower which doesn't create an unnatural or neck shortening look.

- Never wear too many flowers at one time.  Stick to either one bloom or a string of very small flowers.


Pin a flower in your hair to instantly glam up your look or add a flirty, fun feel.  Whether your hair is naturally textured or stick straight the options for adding a flower to your hair is endless.

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