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Natalie Maines Razored Haircut

Natalie Maines Buzz Haircut

Natalie Maines Razored Haircut

Dixie Chicks Lead Singer Natalie Maines attended the recent 2011 premiere of 'Real Steel' with a very short razored haircut.

Natalie softened her severe razored haircut with diamond stud earrings, beautifully created smokey eyes and a pretty pink lip.

Her super short buzzed haircut is not new although it's still a little shocking after so many years wearing her buttery blonde hair long. lush and full of soft waves and curls.

Dixie Chick Natalie Maines debuted her current buzzed hairdo in June of 2010 when the famous country group opened up for the Eagles at the Meadowlands.  Even as far back as 2007 she was often spotted wearing her long hair pulled severely back from her face to create a faux short cut.

Natalie Maines Long Hair

The group had largely been on hiatus and hadn't recorded in years.

Fellow Dixie Chick members Martie Maguire and Emily Robison having filled the break with their group the Court Yard Hounds.  The Dixie Chicks played a one hour set of their old music.

The advantage of Natalie's super short buzz cut is that it is completely wash and wear.  However, it requires regular maintenance cuts to keep the buzzcut looking clean and crisp.

One disadvantage to wearing a super short buzz cut is that it shows every line, wrinkle and imperfection on the face.

While it definitely needs to be a personal choice, everyone considering a super short buzz cut should weight all the pros and cons before heading for the clippers.
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